Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It's crazy how things never tend to go how you want them to. I use to tell myself to stop expecting stuff and just go with the flow because 9 times out of 10 things will NOT go how you expect them to. That's fine too because it's just called life. I'm seriously about to stop getting bent out of shape about things. Especially the ones that I have no control over. For instance, I had been gone since Friday then I came home last night to some of my things moved without my prior knowledge. Nothing irks me more than to come home to my shit being moved without me even being notified. Especially business shit. Then when stuff comes up missing nobody knows what the fuck happened. Usually, when this happens I'll bitch and cuss for about a good 10-15 minutes to make it known that I'm pissed. Last night was different. I asked about my stuff, got my answer, grabbed my ipod, and took my ass in the basement until I cooled off. What's funny is all it took was that little amount of time, some music, isolation, and then I was fine. Until the next morning I realized that more of my shit was missing. Again, I didn't pitch a fit like I use to. It's like why? Why get more upset than what I already am. My shit still wasn't going to magically reappear so fuck it. Whatever! Also, why do other people get all bent out of shape about your business? Like I know some people care about you, especially family but, if they don't have to walk in your shoes why care? Also, if I'm not bent out of shape about something I have to deal with why get your blood pressure all up? It makes no sense at all. Well I wont say that because I know some people just really care and get worried but, if I'm not worried then I don't want anyone else to worry. I honestly can't worry about shit because it's not healthy for me mentally. I know how I can get. I'm not trying to go there so therefore I'm going to be nonchalant as hell. Not to the point to where nothing matters but, I'm not gonna be getting bent out of shape over life.

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