Monday, August 11, 2008

Thank You

Thanks to everybody who tuned in to my show this morning for the dedication to Bernie Mac & Isaac Hayes! Thanks to everyone who called in as well. It's greatly appreciated and it makes the show a better show. Without you it would be boring lol. I get bored on air too yall, when I don't get callers. I still can't believe Bernie is gone. It's crazy. I guess when someone is your favorite even if you haven't met them or if you don't know them personally it really hurts. Like I actually cried yesterday and today while watching some old clips on youtube. I kind of debated playing a lot of Bernie's clips on the show because of the vulgar language but, I was like what the hell! I've never had a chance to see him live and I never will be able to so fuck it. "I ain't scared of you muthafuckas"...........This was suppose to be a thank you post and I'm still ranting and raving about the loss but, it's all good. R.I.P. I also want to say Thank You for the readers here because we are past the 2000 mark! Thanks to everyone who actually comments too! I love comments!They let me know if anybody really gives a damn about what I write lol. Thanks for hitting up the shout box too! It really means a lot to me. It also keeps me going. Sometimes I think like "nobody's reading this crap" but, you guys do and it makes me feel good. Also, later on today I will be a guest on "The F.U. Hour"! So tune in at 8:00pm EST ( If you have questions or comments you can call in at (347) 215-9949. Shout out to my girl F.U. over at "Yeah I Said It And What". I can't wait to politic it with her tonight! So don't miss the show. Again, Thanks to my readers, listeners, and callers! MUAH!

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