Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just Because I'm a Clown

I saw these posted on the Detroit Free Press Website so I decided to poke fun and post them here too. I actually saw the first two before some where but, the last stop sign one is brand new to me. What's funny is this stop sign is located not too far from where I use to live. LOL Don't mind the busted windows in that abandoned warehouse. I use to stay in a loft down the street from the building and the whole area was an old industrial area but, the loft was really nice (cosmetically, the owners weren't).


Ebony Intuition said...

Lol the 1st pic is so funny, reminds me of the movie I just saw " Pineapple Express" Thug life lol

Ojibway Migisi Bineshii said...

I like the "Stop Kwame." I wonder if these are all over town?

Glennisha Morgan said...

Tiffany- LOL I haven't seen Pineapple express yet but I'm going to see it.

Cecelia- LOL Yea I love that one. I'm not sure. I hope they are