Monday, August 25, 2008

Death, Premonitions, and Such

Today is the day that Aaliyah died 7 years ago. Wow, I swear it doesn't seem like that long ago. Anywho while my cousin was over today we discussed Aaliyah's death then we moved over to Left-Eye's death. My cousin told me that she saw this video a long time ago of Left-Eye saying that she had premonitions, she knew she was going to die, and that when she ran over that little boy she was actually suppose to die, not the boy. She stated that some spirit was following her. I honestly don't believe in spirits and I also believe that Left- Eye was a little mental after watching several videos of her on YouTube. (I saw this one video where she had cut hate in all capital letters into her arm.) After finding out that Left-Eye claimed she had premonitions of her death it also made me think about Tupac . I started to think like wow it must be really weird to have premonitions of your own death. It also made me question like maybe people who have those so-called premonitions and believe that they are going to die soon or young just want to die, or either they're just really scared of death so much that they dream about it. Also, as far as people who live certain type of lifestyles (Gangbangers, Drugdealers, Murderers, etc.) death automatically becomes like an option for them. Maybe option isn't he right word choice but, it kind of like an option that's a part of that lifestyle. So most of those type of people know that it's HIGHLY possible they're going to die. So having premonitions about it is kind of like nothing special. I myself have had several nightmares of me dying several different ways but, I do NOT think that I'm going to die anytime soon. I've probably had about 6 different dreams of me getting shot. I've also had one or two dreams of me getting hit by a train. Again, I don't think I'm leaving this earth anytime soon. I also happen to hope and think that I'll leave here at a very old age after I've watched my children have children and my husband and I have lived full and fulfilling lives. Also, after watching this video that was recorded right before Left Eye died. It made me feel kind of weird. Like, what if I had a chance to record my very LAST seconds on earth. Wouldn't that be crazy and kind of weird. I also found it weird that Left-Eye actually went to Honduras for enlightening and change and then ended up dying. Anyway, I'd just like to know other people's opinions on death and premonitions. Feel free to share.

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