Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hottest Weekend in Detroit

This is the hottest weekend in Detroit! Do you want to know why? It's the hottest because two of my most favorite Detroit events take place this weekend. That is the "Dream Cruise" and the "African World Festival". For those of you that aren't from Detroit and aren't familiar with the "Dream Cruise", it is a day where you'll see nothing but classic and old school cars cruise up and down one of our main streets, Woodward Ave. Yes! Glennisha loves old school cars. I think most of all I enjoy seeing old Monte Carlos, Cultlass, Mustangs, and pretty much anything else that catches my eye. I always said that one day I am going to purchase myself a 1985 Monte Carlo. I'll probably get it painted a bright pink. I don't know about rims and all of that because I'm scared of getting robbed LOL. If I don't get an 85 I'd like to get whatever year the Monte Carlo was that Denzel was crusing in when he played in Training Day. That Monte was out cold! I guess I am a Motor City girl at heart since I'm attracted to old school cars.

Now as far as the African World Festival I love the music, the food, and the really good deals on t-shirts and purses lol. I'm particularly interested in Ethiopian food, which never seems to make it's way to the festival. I don't know why (sigh). Since I can't ever find Ethiopian food at the festival I know that I can for sure find some Jamaican food. I'm talking about jerk chicken, fricassee, beans & rice, and plantains. Yeaaa Baby! I guess I should be honest. What I look forward to the most is food! Yea I'm greedy so what! Now I haven't made it down there yet. It's like 5:30 right now. I didn't get up until 2:30 and I'm still trying to shake being lethargic but, I'll get there. I think I'll probably hit up the African World festival tomorrow since it's the last day and that's when you can the best deals. The vendors tend to bargain a lot more on the last day. Also,I know I'll catch a glance at Woodward later on.

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