Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Brush With Death Last Night


If you guys didn't know I do NOT eat pork or beef. The only type of meat that I usually consume is chicken, turkey, or fish. I've been contemplating going vegetarian since forever now but, I haven't quite made that transformation. I honestly don't think I will. Well people my mother had purchased some frozen white castles about a month ago from the grocery store which my greedy ass decided to have a taste even though I hadn't eaten beef in about maybe 6 or 7 years now. Sidenote:These packaged frozen White Castles come in twos. While over my mom's house I'd warm me up some and magically my stomach agreed. I had no problems. Last night on my way home my honey and I decided to stop at White Castles. I figured since I had the frozen White Castles with no problem that I'd be fine ordering White Castles from the actual place. I was starving so I ordered 4 Cheeseburgers along with some cheese sticks. When I got home I took the very fresh and warm WCs out of the bag and devoured each and every one of my 4. I was honestly full around 2 but, I proceeded to smash the other 2 because I absolutely hate waisting food. I think after I ate I curled up in some covers, and got a lil zzz on the couch while I was supposed to be watching Cool Runnings. Once the movie went off I proceeded to hop in the bed. Maybe about an hour later I woke up and my stomach was hurting. I immediately felt the need to puke. So I rushed into the bathroom and yea I puked. I puked twice. All I saw was devoured White Castles and the cheese chunks from the cheese sticks. I'm quite sure you guys already know what else I did. So I don't have to mention that but, can you imagine doing that and throwing up. Like I was really fucked up. I felt like I was going to absolutely die. So yea that's what I get for being greedy and trying to devour 4 White Castle burgers knowing damn well I don't even eat beef. I definitely now have no desire to start eating beef again as well as White Castles. So all I will have is those childhood memories when White Castles use to be good and didn't make me almost die. What sucked the most too is that those White Castles were good as hell. They were fresh and hot. Oh well. It's chicken, turkey, and fish for life.


Crys.C said...

That happened to me last year but with liquor.
I took a open bottle of Henny to the head, that I got for my b-day, not knowing it was spoiled. I puked the whole night.
Now I refuse to drink any dark or white hard liquor (only red wine or champagne)..

Glennisha Morgan said...

OMG! See I don't do brown liqour. lol