Friday, August 22, 2008

From One Writer to Another

You guys know that I get really excited when I see people making it happen. Especially, when they have some of the same goals and dreams as I do. When I witness the success of others I get really inspired and I also get a burst of energy to get on my shit. I just received an email regarding a book release celebration for Monica Marie Jones. So congrats on your new release girl! She's also a writer from Detroit, that I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and interview earlier this year. Her new release is titled Floss.
If you'd like to find out more information about this book you can check out her myspace page. It's also on Amazon. I would put the info to her celebration on here but, I'm not sure if it's an open event or not. I'm assuming that it is because most writers want any and everybody to know about their work but, to be safe I won't post it. If I find out that it is in fact an open celebration then I'll post the info closer to the date! Again, congrats Monica! Keep pushing the pen.


Monica Marie Jones said...

Thank you Glennisha! The book release party is definately an open event. It is Saturday September 13, 2008 at 5pm at Centaur in Detroit, MI. You can pre order the book for ONLY $10 (Retail Price is $15.99 + tax) on my website at or

Again thank you for your support Glennisha and keep up the wonderful work!

Glennisha Morgan said...

You're Welcome!........
So there it is folks. She said it herself. It is an open event! So come out and support!