Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm Sick of Bullshit Journalism

If you guys didn't know, initially Journalism was my major until I changed it to Communications but, I am still a journalist at heart. I've been writing every since my elementary school started a newspaper. So far in my collegiate career I've taken enough journalism and ethics classes to know what's real journalism and what isn't. I know this stuff goes on all of the time but, it still pisses me off when I see it. I just want to write newspapers like WTF? Didn't your staff take some of the same classes that I did?.............I did my DAILY reading today of the Detroit Free Press and on the front page there is an article regarding our Wayne County prosecutor and how her house is in foreclosure. Like this isn't fucking news people! Who gives a fuck? All I'm concerned about is how Kym Worthy is going to prosecute my no good for nothing ass mayor. I could care less about her personal business and I'm sure a lot of other readers feel the same. So SMH to the Detroit Free Press! Now if they want to continue to publish bullshit news like this then I'd suggest they add a gossip blog to their website.


Ojibway Migisi Bineshii said...

I agree with you Glennisha! They publish a lot of BS news all the time. This story is really pointless. Their writing really isn't that great.

nosnowhere said...

the free press ... sucks. i mean i am not that into most newspapers exept the michigan citizen but i especially have beef with the free press for this reason among others:


Glennisha Morgan said...

Yes they do. They seem to be publishing more bs then real news lately. Yea I like the MI Citizen

Anonymous said...

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