Monday, August 25, 2008

I So Want To Be There


I usually can afford to do at least one summer concert a year! So far this summer I haven't been to one because my pockets won't allow me too :( I really want to attend this one, especially since the summer is like officially over now. Especially, in Detroit because last night was cold as hell. Personally, I just really wanna see Nas, Keith Murray , and Rakim. I can do without Scarface, Busta, and Foxy. I know some people are probably like what, I'm crazy. I am NOT crazy about those 3 at all. Scarface's voice just always sounded so scary to me that I could never really give him a listen. Busta is cool but, just not a favorite of mine. Foxy, I never was a huge fan of her either. Although,I'd love to see her and Nas do an old joint tho for old time sakes. Too bad, AZ cant' make a cameo so they can do Phone Tap! Also, Nas is my favorite rapper and he's only been to "The D" a few times, and I've never had a chance to catch him so I do NOT want to miss this opportunity. For all of those people who says that Nas is dried up (including my honey) screw you because I still love Nas, he's still #1 in my book, Anywho, if anyone would like to donate me tickets this event I'd blow you a million kisses! Even if I can't get tickets, I think I'mma chill out on the grass. Yes! That's how we do it in Detroit. When concerts are at Chene Park and for whatever reason you can't get tickets, you bring a chair and chill outside on the grass! The sound is so great you can still enjoy everything! It would also be tight as hell if I had a nice boat because Chene Park is right off the river and if you have a boat you can actually like park right behind the stage and enjoy!...........

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