Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm Moving

I'm moving to Wordpress you guys! I've contemplated the move for a long time now. People kept telling me it's better than Blog Spot and they have way more layout choices, etc. So I randomly decided to make the move today!So please bare with me. I'm trying to make a smooth transition and grasp the wordpress stuff. It's Toodles!


This Morning

Wow. I had a ball early this morning during my radio show. This particular segment, When Did You First Fall In Love With Hip Hop, had the most listeners, callers, and chatters. The chat room was packed and people were straight clowning in there!It was all good though because I love to laugh. We had a few faked accents on the line. One from Atlanta and one from Iraq lol. Although, the clowning kept me rolling I am no longer going to answer blocked calls on the show. I also just learned that what the blocked calls show up as on the switchboard. It's funny because before today when I saw the blocked calls, I'd never answer them because I didn't know that they were real calls. On the switchboard blocked calls show up as 111-111-111 so I was always like wtf, and never paid attention to them. Anywho, like why block your number? It's not like I'mma write it down and call you later lol. I also like to see area codes so I have an idea of where people are listening to my show.(Big Ups to NY and the South I had a lot of listeners from NY and the South last night)Again the pranks were kind of funny but, some of the ignorance was just that. Pure ignorance and I will NOT tolerate that on the show. Say what you want in the chat room but, not on the air!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When I First Fell In Love With Hip Hop

DO NOT GET ENTERTAINMENT NEWS FROM YOUR PARENTS I SWEAR! I had decided to take my ass back to bed this morning and as soon as I got back in the bed my mom called me and said that she heard on the radio that Dr.Dre died. So I'm like what? I don't believe this. So of course I get out of the bed and get on my computer to do some investigating. What do you know, within about 1 minute I found out that Dr. Dre isn't dead. It's his son, Andre Young Jr. that was found dead. He was only 20 years old. That's really sad..... What's crazy is I honestly had shed a few tears after my mom had told me. I was like I know Dr.Dre isn't dead.My honey txted me asking why was I crying because I didn't know him, and he only made good music, it wasn't like he really stood up for anything, etc. So I explained, Dr. Dre along with Snoop, Warren G, Ice Cube, and Eazy E were like the first rappers that I started listening to and that West Coast rap holds a place in my heart. I was also pissed because I was waiting like everyone else for Dre to drop Detox (Duh)! What's crazy too is that I was in the third grade when Regulators, Gin & Juice, and all of those hot ass west coast singles came out. So I really wasn't at the age to truly appreciate the music. It wasn't until I got a little older and listened again to all of those old joints that I truly fell in love.... If anybody ever asks me what was my favorite concert that I've ever been to, I'll always reply with "The Up In Smoke Tour". That was the hottest fucking concert ever. Bare with me on the profanity. I'm getting really excited just typing about it lol. The headliners of that concert were Snoop, Dr.Dre, Ice Cube, and Eminem. Some others were MC Ren,Xhibit,etc. First off they come out on stage in this purple old school car. To my memory I believe it was on old Impala. They're hitting switches. I mean the whole West Coast vibe was just phenomenal and crazy. They did all of my favorite old joints. It was just great! That concert was actually a showcase of rappers actually PERFORMING! They didn't just stand on stage with an entourage and yell! That's what made it really dope. They also had the dopest props ever! Anyway to make a long story short, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Warren G, Ice Cube, Eazy E are reasons why I love Hip Hop! They are the first(AS FAR AS MALE RAPPERS) that my ears heard and actually paid attention to. Then later on it was Pac, Biggie, Nas, etc.

It's Finally Here

Ok. I know that Solo has gotten a lot of posts here this summer but, I guess it's simply because I love her! Anyway, today is the day! Go cop it. It's out.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Blogging While Bored, 5 Questions, 5 Answers

When I'm bored I do this kinda stuff. Since today is very slow and boring. Here goes. I stole this from Eb The Celeb.

1.What is your favorite song to have sex to?
I honestly don't have a favorite song to have sex to. I haven't did it with music playing in a long time Lol but, Jill Scott or Floetry would be just fine. Don't laugh but, also every once in a while I have an urge to do it to some rap but, not just any rap. I actually have a cd with specific rap joints that are smooth for sexing lol. One of them happens to be Twista- Get It Wet

2. What is your drag name ?
Drag Name? I don't know about that one. How about Suga?

3. In the film made of your life, who will play you?
This question is funny because EB actually chose the same person I would choose. My top choice would be Nia Long. I feel kind of bad because it's not based on her skills. I think she's the most beautifulest Black actress ever! She even tops Halle Berry in my book. (I love Halle but, I'll say this for any man or woman that thinks Halle is #1 you're nuts but, I'll save my other comments for a whole other post.) My second choice would be Angela Bassett. I don't think I'd even have to explain my reason for her. She's just awesome. My third choice would be Zoe Saldana. I don't know why but, I think she could play certain parts of my personality good. Also, I kinda thought of Brandy but, I don't know. Maybe.

4. What is one thing that you would change about yourself?
One thing that I'd change about myself is my social anxiety. I have actually been working on this for a while now but, I noticed yesterday that I think it's coming back. I don't know why but, I hate it.

5. What's your status message on your preferred social networking site?

myspace - is running specials this weekend for loc maintenance so get at me and get fresh! (BTW, since the weekend is officially over I'm no longer running specials but, you can still hit me up if you need dreadlock maintenance)

facebook - Glennisha is gonna do alumni cheer foreal this time, I miss cheerleading.

I So Want To Be There


I usually can afford to do at least one summer concert a year! So far this summer I haven't been to one because my pockets won't allow me too :( I really want to attend this one, especially since the summer is like officially over now. Especially, in Detroit because last night was cold as hell. Personally, I just really wanna see Nas, Keith Murray , and Rakim. I can do without Scarface, Busta, and Foxy. I know some people are probably like what, I'm crazy. I am NOT crazy about those 3 at all. Scarface's voice just always sounded so scary to me that I could never really give him a listen. Busta is cool but, just not a favorite of mine. Foxy, I never was a huge fan of her either. Although,I'd love to see her and Nas do an old joint tho for old time sakes. Too bad, AZ cant' make a cameo so they can do Phone Tap! Also, Nas is my favorite rapper and he's only been to "The D" a few times, and I've never had a chance to catch him so I do NOT want to miss this opportunity. For all of those people who says that Nas is dried up (including my honey) screw you because I still love Nas, he's still #1 in my book, Anywho, if anyone would like to donate me tickets this event I'd blow you a million kisses! Even if I can't get tickets, I think I'mma chill out on the grass. Yes! That's how we do it in Detroit. When concerts are at Chene Park and for whatever reason you can't get tickets, you bring a chair and chill outside on the grass! The sound is so great you can still enjoy everything! It would also be tight as hell if I had a nice boat because Chene Park is right off the river and if you have a boat you can actually like park right behind the stage and enjoy!...........

Death, Premonitions, and Such

Today is the day that Aaliyah died 7 years ago. Wow, I swear it doesn't seem like that long ago. Anywho while my cousin was over today we discussed Aaliyah's death then we moved over to Left-Eye's death. My cousin told me that she saw this video a long time ago of Left-Eye saying that she had premonitions, she knew she was going to die, and that when she ran over that little boy she was actually suppose to die, not the boy. She stated that some spirit was following her. I honestly don't believe in spirits and I also believe that Left- Eye was a little mental after watching several videos of her on YouTube. (I saw this one video where she had cut hate in all capital letters into her arm.) After finding out that Left-Eye claimed she had premonitions of her death it also made me think about Tupac . I started to think like wow it must be really weird to have premonitions of your own death. It also made me question like maybe people who have those so-called premonitions and believe that they are going to die soon or young just want to die, or either they're just really scared of death so much that they dream about it. Also, as far as people who live certain type of lifestyles (Gangbangers, Drugdealers, Murderers, etc.) death automatically becomes like an option for them. Maybe option isn't he right word choice but, it kind of like an option that's a part of that lifestyle. So most of those type of people know that it's HIGHLY possible they're going to die. So having premonitions about it is kind of like nothing special. I myself have had several nightmares of me dying several different ways but, I do NOT think that I'm going to die anytime soon. I've probably had about 6 different dreams of me getting shot. I've also had one or two dreams of me getting hit by a train. Again, I don't think I'm leaving this earth anytime soon. I also happen to hope and think that I'll leave here at a very old age after I've watched my children have children and my husband and I have lived full and fulfilling lives. Also, after watching this video that was recorded right before Left Eye died. It made me feel kind of weird. Like, what if I had a chance to record my very LAST seconds on earth. Wouldn't that be crazy and kind of weird. I also found it weird that Left-Eye actually went to Honduras for enlightening and change and then ended up dying. Anyway, I'd just like to know other people's opinions on death and premonitions. Feel free to share.

R.I.P. Babygirl

Sunday, August 24, 2008

See This is What I'm Talking About


A Quote

I happened to run across a quote this morning from George Bernard Shaw, "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."........I really like this quote and I think it's true. People sometimes have this whole notion of finding themselves but, do we really find ourselves? I don't think so. I mean as life goes on and we get older we find out exactly what we like and what we don't like but, I think we kind of already know this stuff but, sometimes we just don't acknowledge it or pursue the things that we like. Even though most people go through growing phases where they change and sometimes stop doing things that they use to do or stop believing in what they use to believe in, we all have choices. So we choose to change, grow, evolve, etc. Therefore we create ourselves or who we want to be perceived as.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I So Hate My Uterus and Ovaries Right Now

I am really hating my uterus and ovaries right now. I'm not really into sharing things that are really personal but, I don't mind sharing this because I know a lot of women suffer from this. I happen to have a cyst on my left ovary, which causes me to have very painful periods and even now I have cramping when I'm not even on my cycle. It's very frustrating and irritating. Before I even knew that I had a cyst I complained to my general physician about my cramping and he put me on Naproxen. Naproxen didn't work at all. I found myself taking like 2-3 pills at a time and it still didn't help. I would spend days in bed because of the pain. I eventually found out that Naproxen had given me an ulcer and I could no longer take it. So I went to OBGYN begging her to do everything that she needed to do to find out why my cramps were so severe. I also informed her that my mother had tons of cysts and fibroid tumors on her uterus that were so bad she had to get a hysterectomy. I also informed her that a cousin of mine had ovarian cancer at 16 year old so I was very worried and scared. My OBGYN scheduled me for an ultrasound. That's when I found out that I had a cyst on my left ovary. When I found out that I had the cyst my OBGYN immediately put me on birth control to reduce the cramps, and the possibilities of growing more cysts. The birth control that I was first on was Lo-Estren. I'm not sure if I'm spelling it right but, it worked wonders as far as cramping. My cramps had ceased completely while I was on Lo-Estren. My periods were also very light and I was loving it. The only problem was that I couldn't handle the side effects. Almost everyday I was feeling nauseated. I had headaches and a number of other problems so I asked my OBGYN to switch my pills. She then put me on Yaz. I'm still on it. Yaz isn't doing a damn thing for me. I have cramps and each month their worse and worse. I hadn't had any cramps when I wasn't on my cycle until I was on Yaz. So I'm like randomly having cramps throughout the month. My cycles are regular and too heavy for me to be on birth control. Now, I want my OBGYN to switch my birth control again. I'm a little worried about switching birth control numerous time but, I absolutely can NOT go through this severe cramping again. Now I am aware that for some odd reason ovarian cysts and fibroid tumors are very prevalent in Black women. So far there has been no research done that has proved why. I was also listening to Monique's radio show the other day and cysts and fibroids were the topic. She had her OBGYN on the line and she also stated she had no idea why this is so prevalent in Black women. I would like to why is it prevalent in women period and especially Black women. Now I know nothing about conducting medical surveys but, I would like to do some research and try find out something. I would like to know if this can be linked to food that we eat because what we eat actually does play a huge part in a lot of things that is wrong with us. I would also like to know if this can be linked to things we are breathing in the air. Maybe it's products we use on our hair. I don't know but, I'd like know why. BTW, the pictures are just random pictures I found on the internet they aren't pictures of my uterus. I hope mine doesn't look like that. I feel sorry for women whose uterus does look like that.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Check out my latest Think Girl column. You can read it here.

Gweni Poo Had a Boy

I know you're probably like who the hell is Gweni Poo! LOL. I kind of make up nicknames for some of my favorite music artists and celebrities. So Gwen Stefani's nick name is Gweni Poo. Don't you just love her?.....I'm not really into the whole celebrity prego news but, I'm only posting this because it's my girl Gwen. So again, Gwen Stefani just had a boy! He's her second child. She named him Zuma Nesta Rock. Zuma Poo weighed 8 lbs and 5 ounces.

From One Writer to Another

You guys know that I get really excited when I see people making it happen. Especially, when they have some of the same goals and dreams as I do. When I witness the success of others I get really inspired and I also get a burst of energy to get on my shit. I just received an email regarding a book release celebration for Monica Marie Jones. So congrats on your new release girl! She's also a writer from Detroit, that I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and interview earlier this year. Her new release is titled Floss.
If you'd like to find out more information about this book you can check out her myspace page. It's also on Amazon. I would put the info to her celebration on here but, I'm not sure if it's an open event or not. I'm assuming that it is because most writers want any and everybody to know about their work but, to be safe I won't post it. If I find out that it is in fact an open celebration then I'll post the info closer to the date! Again, congrats Monica! Keep pushing the pen.

Great News For Solo Fans

For all of you Sol-Angel and The Hadley Street Dreams fans check out the listening party on Interscope. I've already heard the majority of the album and what I've heard so far I absolutely love it to death. I could like kiss Solange for putting this album out. It's such a breath of fresh air and listening to her just makes me vibe and write songs of my own. I think I know what album will be getting me through completing my book too.

So far my favorite tracks are:

6 O'Clock Blues
God Given Name
Champagne Chronic Night Cap
I Decided