Monday, June 30, 2008

Upcoming Straight Pride Parade in Brooklyn?

A Myspace friend of mine is actually planning a "Straight Pride" parade in Brooklyn, NY during the end of August this year. I think it's just a mockery of LGBT parades. He says that it's focus is on what it takes to raise a child in todays world. If that is so then why not have a "healthy child raising" parade? Gay pride parades take place so that people of the LGBT community can have a chance to be proud of who they are and be themselves without being ridiculed, bashed, or maybe even killed (Google Mathew Shepard). Straight people have a chance to do this everyday. So what is the purpose of a straight pride parade? Other than to clearly say fuck the LGBT community or to say that homosexuality isn't right. I don't live in NY but, if I did I most likely would NOT Participate in this so called "Straight Pride" parade. I'm just not feeling it. I don't think that it's purpose is genuine at all. Besides, I have no problem with homosexuality as long as people are consenting adults and nobody is being oppressed or forced to do anything.For the people that think Gays are a threat to reproduction or hurt "family" you're nuts. What about the straight couples who choose not to have children, or the women who choose not to have children? What about the millions of women on birth control? Are you going to attack their choice too? What about the millions of couples who use condoms and other controceptives so they DON'T have children? Having children is a choice, it's not anything that people have to do. A lot of children that are born are mistakes. As far as adopting what's funny is Gay couples probably adopt more children in need of parents than straight couples do. I'm glad to see anyone reach out and take in children. There are also a lot of Lesbian couples who go to clinics and have children. So the whole theory about gay people are a threat to reproduction and family is just plain ignorant!

Detroit Business @ The Coleman A. Young Municipal Center

I swear my city and I have a love/hate relationship. It's more like hate right now. Luckily because I read the Free Press I found out the new location in place of the county building where I should have been this morning to handle my business. What frustrates me is that if I wouldn't have read an article about the city council and it's hot ass mess of the FBI's investigation for corruption I wouldn't have known shit about what to do in regards to my business. To me the article in regards to the city county and their mess was more of an announcement about where to go due to the fire at the county building. That information should have been an article on its own and not a add on with the city council article. Although, don't get me wrong I'm very glad that I got the information. What would have made more sense is for the city to put this very important information on their voicemail, which I've been calling all day. How the fuck was anyone suppose to know about relocations, unless they were interested in reading about the Detroit's clown ass council! So if anyone out there had business to handle at the city county building and it was ceased or postponed due to the fire visit, It's a temporary website for information regarding the Coleman. A. Young Municipal Center's fire. You can also call 313-224-6101 for recorded information. BTW, it 's mighty funny to me that after the FBI investigates the city council the gotdamn county building caught fire! I don't think I believe that struck by lightening story anymore!

Black Bottom and Paradise Valley: The Forgotten Legacy

Yesterday while at the DWIFF awards ceremony I had the opportunity to meet and watch Sharon-Elizabeth Sexton, writer and director of Black Bottom and Paradise Valley: The Forgotten Legacy receive her award for best documentary. I was very excited for her because she captured the history of a place that my mother, uncles, and many other family members were raised. My mother had told me many stories about growing up in "Black Bottom". I only could imagine what she was telling me in my mind. Now I have a chance to actually see visuals from "Black Bottom". I haven't actually had the chance to see the documentary yet but, I'm going to track it down and see it soon.

I Need It In My Life

Thanks to Clutch Magazine I found out about the Purse Pleaser! OMG! I so need this. My purse is rather atrocious. I can never find anything and get to it when I need to because my purse is filled with old bills, notes I've made to myself, old receipts and grocery lists, hand sanitizer, about 50 pens, my wallet, 2 business card holders, a ton of keys, and other anonymous stuff. This little organizer would be perfect for me. Another reader of Clutch made a comment and provided a link to another purse organizer company called Purse Sitter. I think I may like this one a little better because they have different types of organizers and they're made of cloth and not plastic. The only thing is the cloth ones would probably allow more room in my purse so I'd most likely fill the extra room with more junk and unnecessary paper.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

An Awesome Sunday

Well I just got back from the Detroit-Windsor International Film Festival screening and awards ceremony. I had an awesome time. I got a chance to see some really great films that were produced all by people from the metro Detroit area (and Windsor). It just proves what I've been saying all along, that Detroit does have talent regardless of the negative stuff that takes place here. My team didn't win but, we had a great time together. The experience was just wonderful, from the writing, filming, editing, and all the way down to the celebration. The award ceremony at the Detroit Institute of Arts was just beautiful. We got a chance to meet other filmakers, directors, and actors. I can't not mention the chocolate dipped strawberries. They were the best I've ever had. Hands down! I'm really happy and excited that the DWIFF is coming back here next year. All of this years participants should definitely have something to look forward to. I hope that we all were able to learn from this experience and take good notes so that next year we can step our game up! BTW, see the girl in the green dress running in the promo video? That's my team mate TT! She was racing to get our submission in on time! Thanks to her we made it just under 2 minutes!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jehovah Witnesses Can't Vote?

While glancing at MSN's home page after checking my hotmail I couldn't miss the huge link with Serena William's face next to it stating why don't Jehovah's Witnesses vote. This is something that is definitely new to me. I love learning about different religions. In fact, I almost thought about majoring in religious studies at one point. I think throughout my whole life I've had one friend who was a Jehovah's Witness. I know that they don't celebrate birthdays or holidays like Christmas but, I never knew that Jehovah's Witnesses aren't suppose to vote. According to the MSN article because of John 17:14 and other passages in the Bible, in that verse Jesus says of his followers:" They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world."Jehovah's witnesses have interpreted that statement as a call to remain neutral in all political matters.(In some of the sect's literature, members are described as "representatives of God's heavenly kingdom"; thus they are obligated to stay out of local political affairs and keeping with the behavior of ambassadors.) Witnesses also refrain from serving in the military, running for public office, and pledging allegiance to the flag. This to me is just another dumb ass control mechanism. It always amazes me when I learn about more insane stuff that people seem to actually believe in. I don't care if I was a Jehovah's Witness or a witch, I'm not going to not vote because some old ass book seems to say that I shouldn't. When are people really going to wake up? Most people follow these religious books and rules closely because they think they're going to live some glorious afterlife once they die but, nobody can truly say if that's a guarantee. You know why? Nobody has ever came back from the dead and said "Yo, I died and went to heaven. Everything in that book was true." Nobody can prove that these so called afterlifes and so called paradises exist because it's all based on after you die. As far as voting, this is stuff that you know for sure that it's going to affect you. It's going to affect you now. So, I can't understand why someone would not vote because they're a "representative of God's heavenly kingdom". Get the fuck out of here. Call me a religion basher, a peasant, a heathen, or whatever you may choose but, I know that I have common sense. I'm not going to believe in a bag of bullshit. Every day more and more religious people begin to look like they have no common sense.

Lightening Strikes, WTF?

So, I had some very important business to handle on Monday at the city county building. I got a call from my Granny early this morning. I roll over, look at the time on my phone and I'm like what is going on for her to call me this early. So I call her back like 10 times, and of course she doesn't answer her cell phone. Why do old people have cell phones lol? She finally calls me back like a half hour later to tell me that she heard the county building caught fire and will be closed. While she's telling me this she sounds super worried because she knows I business to take care of. I got off the phone with her. I thought if this did happen I know that it'll be on the front page of the Detroit Free Press and what do you know, it was. So now my shit has to be postponed. GRRRRRR! It's just very ironic that the county building gets struck by lightening and catches fire when I have something to do there. I've never had to go to the county building and now when I do this happens. So now I'm hella irritated because I live in Detroit and I know they're going to be super un-organized and operate the way that Detroit does. Anyway ,I 'll see how it goes on the 7th when they re-open.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Nothin but, Corn Bread on the Brain

I don't really have much on my mind today to talk about. I'm happy that my team made the 2nd cut for the DWIFF 48 hour film challenge! Congrats to us! Again, if you'd like to see our film, Detroit Love or other films that were entered into the challenge they'll be screening this Sunday from 1pm-4pm in the Auditorium at the College for Creative Studies (Located on Kirby &John R not too far from Wayne State University). Tickets are $8.I don't know why but, I've been craving the hell out of some hot water corn bread. Last night it was collard greens and hot water cornbread but, today I can just sit up and eat a heap of hot water corn bread all by itself. The problem is I don't know how to make it! I've tried a few years ago and I messed up really bad so I don't want to take the chance of messing up what I want so bad. You know how it is when you have a taste for something and it doesn't taste right. If anybody knows how to make this right, or has an aunt, grandma, or mama who does please forward their contact information. I'll pay them! I'm serious. LOL

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dwele :)

I found this performance from a few days ago of Dwele @ SOBs. OMG! I love the way this brother performs these songs. I had the opportunity to see Dwele perform here at the Millenium Theatre a few months ago. I must say that I was impressed. It's no doubt that he definitely has talent and I was really diggin' his humility. I had a few tracks of his that I liked but, I wasn't a huge fan of Dwele prior to seeing him in concert. Now, after seeing him perform and watching this video, which brings back those memories I'm definitely a fan. It's kind of funny that just listening to Dwele's music doesn't bring back certain memories that I have but, when I see him perform it brings back memories of when my honey and I had first met and he use to play his cd in the car all the time. Anyway, this weekend I'm going to cop that new album, Sketches of a Man. DETROIT WHAT! LOL

Ladies Do We Really Get What We Pay For?

For those of you ladies out there who have a toy chest like I do, I had to ask this question. In the past I've been a victim of purchasing a $100 butterfly that didn't do a damn thing for me. I feel like if I've spent more money I should have to do less work. There are also times where I've paid in between $7- $12 for a bullet or vibrator that does wonders as long as you keep fresh Duracell batteries lol. So do you really have to pay top dollar to get top pleasure? I have to honestly say that I've had more fun with cheaper toys then with the ones that I've spent an enormous amount of money on. What about you?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Are you fucking serious?I first read a little bit about this so called battle or war on Amanda Diva's blog. I didn't really pay too much attention to it. I didn't think much of it. I kind of thought it was a hoax actually. Today I was on Seriously's blog and I had a chance to actually view the youtube videos of Ice T and Soulja Boi's responses. I must say that this is down right ridiculous. People may disagree with me but, I agree with Soulja Boi. Why would an old ass veteran like Ice T decide to talk shit about a 16 year old. I know a lot of old heads have their opinions and views of hip hop today or new and upcoming rappers but, to actually get on youtube and tell a 16 year old to "eat a dick" is very immature. If Ice-T truly feels that Soulja Boi single handedly killed hip hop why not try to get in contact with him, sit down have a conversation, get to know the kid a bit, and reach out to him in that manner. Then for Ice-T to say that hip hop isn't just about some stupid dance, he's wrong. When hip hop first started it was about more than just rhymes. Hip Hop was about rhyming, grafitti, djs, and dancing. I personally feel that over the years Hip Hop actually got away from dancing besides the naked girls in the videos, which don't even count. I think that a lot of Southern artists (like D4L, Dem Franchise Boyz, Soulja Boi) actually brought dancing and the fun back into hip hop. I'd much rather see a kid like Soulja Boi rap and create a dance than to see and hear him talk about drugs and murder. The first time that I had actually heard Soulja Boi's Superman song I was at a wedding reception. When the song came on everybody, young and old raced to the dance floor to do this dance. I was like WTF, what is this song and who made it. I actually felt a moment of joy to see people of all ages get up, dance, and have so much fun together. I had never in my life seen that happen with any other song. Another thing that Ice-T needs to realize is that, Soulja Boi was 16 when he created that song (he's 17 now). So he was born in 1991 and he's from the South. If Ice-T knew anything about culture "The South" is known for dancing. So it's like what do you expect? Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to stereotype young people who live in the south at all. It's a different time frame. It's not 1985 it's 2008. If you guys don't know by now I love music. I listen to all types of music. My favorite rapper is Nas but, you can also catch me one day bumping Three 6 Mafia or Bun B. I'm a lyric person and I love music with substance but, sometimes I want to hear some crunk shit. People talk a lot of shit about southern rappers and say that they're not real rappers and that's their opinion. The bottom line is if you don't like it then don't listen to it. It's room in the industry for everybody and every type of genre or style. Case and Point. I thought I was done but, I'm not. Then for Ice-T to try to crack on Hurricane Chris's beads (which, he did apologize in the 2nd video), he can't say shit about nobody's hair because he's had that old ass fucking ponytail all his life. I just noticed in that video that he must have just cut it off *CLAPS*! It's about time. You don't see Ice Cube still walking around with a Jerry Curl do you? When you get old it's time to change.

White Wedding Dresses?

Ok. I had to blog about this topic because it was discussed on a radio station here the other night and it just irritated me like hell! The radio personality was really stuck on that women should only wear white wedding dresses if they are virgins/pure. I thought to myself, first off who the hell came up with that anyway? It's no damn law stating that you have to be a virgin in order to wear white at your own wedding. Again, its YOUR wedding so you can wear or do whatever the hell you want to do! I actually heard before during a previous radio show talking about the same thing that the idea of wearing a white wedding dress actually came from a queen in England who did it at her wedding and then American women just started to copy it. I'm not sure how true that is but, if it is true it seems like after that religious freaks just had to add their own justification to it. One thing that kills me the most about this issue is what about the men? There are no stipulations on what color their tuxedos should be based on if they've had sex or not. It kills me how when it comes to weddings only women have these crazy stipulations or traditions that are based on their sex life and there are none for men. For people to actually go along with this bullshit and probably don't even know who created it or where it came from, that's just insane. I heard women calling in on the radio making up all types of reasons why women who aren't virgins should wear ivory, cream, or any other color besides white. Come on now in 2008 there are probably only about 2-3% of brides in America who are actually virgins. Let's be real. I hate traditions anyway. I think that people should do whatever they want to at their weddings. I know when I get married I don't want a white or light colored dress period. I want a colored dress. I was thinking of something along the lines of gold or red. I don't even want a traditional American wedding dress. I'd like to wear a sari or just something that is so un-American.


Yay! My girl Amanda Diva's 2nd EP, Foreplay is now available! She has hard copies as well as digital available. You can purchase them here. If you haven't gotten the first EP, Life Experience you need to go ahead and cop that one too! If you don't know who Diva is then you need to find out because she's one of the dopest Emcees in the game.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Guess I Was Wrong

A while back I posted that my girl Teairra Mari was missing in action and got lost in the sauce. Her website hadn't been updated, I read nothing about her around the net, and she apparently got dropped from "The Roc". Well today I read at one of my favorite blogs that Teairra Mari was spotted @ The Pre-BET Awards. So maybe that second album is coming out after all!

Detroit Love

If you'd like to see Detroit Love, the film I was in for the Detroit-Windsor International Film Festival Challenge it's screening June 29, 2008 @ The College For Creative Studies Anderson Audiorium from 2pm-4pm. It's located at:
201 E Kirby St

Detroit, MI 48202
(800) 952-2787

You'll also be able to see the other 19 films that were entered into the 48 hour film challenge.
The following were apart of our team:

Team name – Project 7

Teresa Creggett – Writer / Producer

Catherine Jones – Director / Editor

DP – Jeremy

Camera crew – Ann Thompson (Barb Zalewski)

Cast members

Catherine Jones – Ryan

Swifty McVay – JB

Teresa Creggett – Ricky

Keith Robinson - Bossman

Glennisha Morgan – Niomi

Paul DeGuidice - Joe

Jeremy – Kidnapper

Ann Thompson – Activist

Ciara Creggett – Lady passing by

Extras –Gail , Labreya Wright, Juwan Bacon and Ondre’ Moore jr

Tickets will be available for purchase through DWIFF. Special presentation of Behind the Scenes 2008 DWIFF Challenge! For more information log on to

Damn I Wish I Was in NY

I'm not a in NY but, I sure as hell wish I was so that I could attend this event! :(

Birds of a Feather Should Flock Together

After recently realizing that I really didn't need to befriend an ex-friend who really wasn't a friend to begin with I've promised myself that from here on out I will no longer deal with people period who aren't like me or going in the same direction that I am. To be exact, if a person isn't humble, open-minded, loyal, real, and goal oriented I can't fuck with them. At least not on a personal level. At first I thought that friends who are the complete opposite and antithesis of you was natural and healthy because I believe in balance. Now, I've definitely changed my mind. Trust, I know that people will never be exactly the same or have the same exact personality but, if you absolutely have nothing in common besides a shared past it's time to clean house.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Detroit-Windsor Film Festival Challenge

I've had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Detroit-Windsor Film Festival Challenge. The challenge consists of 20 different teams making a short within only 48 hours. Each film will be showed @ the DWFF. When a friend of mine contacted me saying that she might enter into the contest and if she does she'd want me to play a part, I was super excited. I was just thinking that I wanted to get back into acting. I haven't acted since around 2004. Besides writing, acting is one of my secret passions. Along with poetry, when I was younger I use to write a lot of plays. So far, I've been in two. So,this is my first time actually acting in a film. Therefore this experience is very exciting and fun for me. Each team had to spin a wheel in order to get the genre (comedy, drama, horror, chick flick, sci-fi) for their group. Our group got the "chick flick". We decided not to make it a conventional "chick flick" though. So we have a "chick flick" with a twist. Anyhow, wish my group luck. For those interested in seeing my group's short, which will be showed next weekend @ the DWFF contact me and I'll give you the details.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Teedra, Where Are You?

Now I first heard about Teedra Moses back in the day when my uncle use to work @ TVT Records. He use to send me a lot of different cds and stuff. When I first heard Teedra's album, Complex Simplicity I thought "This chick is what's up". I couldn't stop playing her album and I put all my girls up on her. This was like back in hmmm, let see 2004 I think. I was really excited for her because I dug her music so much. I remember surfing Myspace about a year ago and I found a couple of her pages with promises of a new album coming out. So, I was really happy. I kept checking up on her and the last I remember reading on her blog was that her album had been pushed back to the beginning of this year. Well July is almost here and I haven't heard anything about a new album yet. I know how record labels can be but, this sucks because I was really looking forward to Teedra's new album. I know she's done some writing on a few other singer's albums like Nivea, Christina Milian, Teairra Mari, and Mary J. Blige but, it's time for the "Young Lioness" to come forth!

Another Stupid Sneaker Song

Nelly has done it again! No Air Force Ones this time but, Jordan's bka Js. I see this video has a lot of ATL swagger in it (it features Jermaine Dupri & Ciara go figure). Never the less this song is dumb but, I can see everybody trying to do the little dance, especially in the club if this joint comes on and they have on Jordans............................On another note, I can't see myself listening to this song again but, I sure as hell can see myself watching the video for the eye candy. Hint Hint! NELLY! I've always loved this boy! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama Apologizes to 2 Muslim Women from the Detroit Area

This afternoon I had read the article regarding two women who weren't allowed to sit behind Senator Barak Obama because they wore Hijab during his rally at Joe Louis Arena on Monday. I left home around 5:30pm or so. I was back by like 7pm to see an updated article stating that Obama had apologized to these two women. That was a pretty quick apology, that I knew would take place anyway. Hebba Aref and Shimaa Abdelfadeel were told by campaign volunteers that they couldn't sit behind the senator because it would give a negative impression while their non-muslim friends were invited to the seats. When I read the initial article I thought that the gesture was pretty lame. I actually was invited to attend the rally by a friend of mine who happens to be Muslim. Unfortunately, I had to decline because I had hair clients that day but, I thought to myself, "what if that would have happened to my friend." Ignorant Americans tend to automatically associate Muslims with terrorists but, when I think of terrorists I think of molesters and rapists. I think of George Bush and a lot of other people. A lot of comments made beneath those to articles were in regards to Obama being a secret Muslim, which is hilarious to me. If in fact Obama was a "secret Muslim" , SO WHAT! If that was his religion of choice, who cares? It's really sad that a country that is suppose to be so great has a lot of small minded and ignorant people. I think it would be hilarious as hell if Obama got into office and then converted! I'd love to see all of the American idiots shake in their boxers and panties. LMAO!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In the Words of Flavor Flav, Wooooooooooooow

I just got a hold of the video when Khia was at Tampa's Radio 957 The Beat. This is the first time that I've ever heard her sound calm, intelligent, and not use so much profane language. Of course she couldn't because she was on the radio. After watching this video all I can say is Woooooooooooooooooow. I see her in a whole different light now. She should try using this demeanor more often.

Michelle Williams on Wendy Williams Show

My girl Michelle was just on the Wendy Williams Show this past Monday.You can listen to the interview here. I must say that Michelle definitely held it down and didn't let Wendy get the best of her.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lykke Li

You guys know that I'm a big music phean (however you spell it lol). Thanks to Clutch Magazine for putting me up on Lykke Li. I'm definitely about to go download a ton of her tracks. Hehehe. This song below is hella hot!

Gardasil For Guys?

I just ran into an article on MSN stating that Gardisil, the vaccination for HPV just might become available for males. I think that's awesome because guys should be able to possibly be protected as well. I actually have already had my first series of the shot since my insurance covers it, so I said why not. I just hope that the vaccination is worth the pain that it caused my arm. I initially was a little skeptical of the vaccination because I felt that the company just wanted to create a scare and make money but, cervical cancer and cancer period is no joke. According to that article HPV can actually cause throat, genital, and anal cancer in males. This is my first time hearing about that. So if the shot does become available to males I would suggest guys getting it if they have insurance that covers it or if they can afford it. We all know about the saying it's better to be safe than sorry.

Different but, the Same

As I flipped through my mom's July 2008 issue of Ebony Magazine yesterday, I couldn't help but, to stop and read an article titled Uncommon Ground by Sherri Williams. The story was basically about the huge issue with Africans and African Americans uniting. The article specifically struck my interest because a while back while trying to reconnect with what I thought was stolen from me, I was made fun of and told that I was an American and not an African at all. Being told such made me angry and a bit hurt but, it didn't change my views as to connecting with my long lost kinfolk who have the privilege to reside at the motherland. While reading this article I learned that there are 45,000 Somalis in Columbus, Ohio, a city that isn't too far from where I reside (Detroit). There is also at least 100,000 African immigrants that live in Columbus period. I found it very interesting because I was under the impression that large populations of African immigrants were pretty much just on the East coast and damn sure, not that close to me. It saddened me to read that instead of some of the Black locals in Columbus taking advantage of a great opportunity to connect with who were once distant sisters and brothers, the message "Go back to Africa" was sent. Those exact words were actually spray painted onto the outside wall of a mosque last November. Now, I've said before that people need to stop putting all Black people in one box because even though we share the same skin color and hair texture we all come from different cultures and backgrounds. That is what makes us different but,besides the cultural differences we're all the same. I can recall when I was working at a property management company and an African immigrant couple stepped into my office in hopes of finding a home. French so happened to be their native language. I can remember being so excited because I knew French and I thought it would be a way for us to connect. It in fact did connect us and I was able to have a few short conversations in the language. It was actually funny because I was able to tell them how bad the company that I was working for was without getting caught. The couple ended up being screwed over by the company that I worked for just as I had predicted. I found myself trying to assist them as much as I could. Now reflecting back after reading that article I thought to myself, "Why couldn't the people in Columbus help the Africans there as I had tried with that couple? Why did they have to terrorize them instead of trying to come together?" Now the article also touched on the fact that many African Americans feel that Africans come to America and get ahead fast, while they've been here forever and still can't get ahead. That's actually a question that I often wonder about regarding immigrants period. I know that not all immigrants come to America and become successful but, a nice portion of them do. I figure we can just all share what we know and help each other out. I understand that there are huge cultural and language barriers between us but, so what why can't we all help each other? Why can't we just teach each other about our different cultures and accept them for what they are worth? No one is better than the other. African Americans aren't superior because they were born in America and Africans aren't superior because they were born in Africa. What both sides fail to realize is that if we actually seriously united we could make a lot of change. There are a lot of issues taking place on the continent of Africa that African Americans have the resources to aid to and vice versa.

A Day Late but, Not a Dollar Short

I know the day that I don't celebrate was yesterday but, I saw someone post this on myspace. This is real.

If someone says "Happy Father's Day" to you, (it's probably one of ya dumb friends), please do not accept if you fit the following description:

1. You don't even know where your children reside or go to school and haven't taken the necessary steps to find out so that you can be a part of their development.
2. You pay child support but do not have any sort of contact with your child(ren) because of "that bitch".
3. You only pay child support because the courts finally hunted ya ass down and takes it before your check comes in.
4. You truly want to be a part of your child(ren)s life but don't get along with their mom and won't go to court because "you don't need no judge to give you permission to see my kids".
5. You're too busy to right now "for all dat".
6. You won't work a reg. 9-5 so that "that bitch" can get 17%.
7. You feel they are young and you have plenty of time when they are older to spend time with them.
8. Think you're a father because you spend approx. 6 hours in month total with your family/child (ren).
9. Are still blaming everyone but yourself for you not seeing your child(ren), but get mad when she takes you to court for support.
10. You are reading this and fit one or more of these bills and still wanna say "Fuck you" to me.

To the fathers that are truly fathering, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hooray for Gay Couples in California

California just became the second state, after Massachusetts to allow same sex marriage. Thanks to MSNBC for the lesbian couple pictured on the left. The two, both in their eighties had a special marriage ceremony at city hall in San Fransisco today. They were the first same sex couple to "jump the broom" after California's supreme court made gay marriage legal. A handful of county clerks in California extended their hours to hand out marriage licenses. Many couples married immediately after receiving their licenses. It's kind of crazy and very unfair that the couple pictured above (and others who have been together for decades) had to wait this long to make their love official.

Happy Birthday Pac

Today one of my favorite rappers, Tupac Shakur would have been 37 years old. This is one brother who truly kept it real and wouldn't hold his tongue for anybody!

Thanks to Clutch Magazine for this video.

Ashanti Performs Good Good on Jay Leno

Here's my girl Ashanti performing one of my favorite songs off her new album, "Good Good" (thanks to yardie 4 Life for this video). Although, I love this song I thought Ashanti's performance could have been so much better. I'll give her a pass though because she couldn't possibly do too much in that short dress.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Shut Up and Sit Down

To draw attention to the way abortion disproportionately affects the African-American community, black pro-life advocates will be protesting outside the upcoming annual meeting of the nation's largest organization representing blacks. The NAACP protest will also reach the Democratic presidential candidate (source).First off, the previous few sentences are a direct quote from the article that I found regarding this issue on I do not at all believe that abortion disproportionately affects the African -American community because every abortion that takes places in any and every community is totally up to the woman getting the abortion. Religious leaders and pro-life activists need to stop acting as if abortion is some type of new genocide on the black population.Most people who advocate pro-life base their reasons on religious non-sense anyway. Though they have their rights to protest and demonstrate the actual process of trying to create pro-life laws on account of a religious belief is not American and violates the act of Church and state being separate. Although we all know a lot of the laws that are in affect today were created years ago based on religious beliefs. Let's all be real here. How many times have we heard about or know of a woman who may or may not be young but, regardless has a number of children that she's struggling to support? Abortions for a lot of people are the best damn thing that's ever happened to them. Some women want to wait until they are married before they give birth to children. Some women want to wait until their career is at place of their liking prior to having children. Just like some women made the choice to have sex (not all do, some are raped), they should definitely also to have the choice of birthing a child or not. Women are the only gender (humans and animals) that can actually give birth to a child. She has to deal with the physical, emotional, and mental changes of bringing a child into this world first hand. Therefore, it is her choice on rather or not she wants to birth a child.I can go on and on regarding this topic but, I'm quite sure everyone knows where I stand with this.

I'm Late but, that's ok

Big ups to Rece Steele for winning Miss Rap Supreme. I honestly wanted Ms. Cherry to win but, it's all good Rece Steele definitely deserved it. I hate that I missed the finale but, I'm pleased with the results. I really wish that all of the ladies could just hit the industry real hard because we really need female MCs right now. It would be pretty cool if Rece, Byata, Ms.Cherry, Nicky, Lady Twist, Bree, and Chiba could all get together squash their differences and do a mixtape just for the hell of it. They all are truly talented young ladies. I think that a collabo mix tape would be so fly. Anyway,while surfing Youtube I found this video of Rece being interviewed. It's a little low quality but, check out her freestyle!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fuck Facebook and The Nosey Blood Sucking Bitches On It

Right now I need a really good book to escape in. I also need to jog a few miles, while digging the headphones of my ipod deep into my ears. It's funny, the other day I read an article regarding Facebook creating social issues for people. I don't think it's created a social issue for me but, I know that Facebook is just a window for people to peer into other people's lives and get some sort of satisfaction from it. Whatever that may be. People read your your statuses and think they have an idea about what's going on in your life. People begin to think they know you for some reason because they've viewed hundreds of your pictures, and read a few of your notes. Today, I said good bye to facebook. The past few days people may have gotten a few good laughs, sneers, smiles, or frowns from my facebook profile but, nobody ever will again. As addicted as I am to that website, I'm going underground. Nobody will have a chance to peer into my life through a web page and think they can give a full analysis of my life as if they've known me for years or talk to me everyday. I'll admit, a lot of the drama or reactions from things on facebook we create it ourselves. The internet has now become a medium to air dirty, and or clean laundry and a way for other people to fold and put that laundry up. Not only minutes after I deactivated my page today I get a voicemail from a friend. Not a voicemail of sincere concern. It's a voicemail regarding why my facebook page vanished. After about a few seconds of ranting regarding MY facebook account. I got one sentence of let me know if you're ok. The main concern wasn't truly if I was ok or not. The main concern was that my business wasn't able to be viewed via Facebook. That made me put a lot of things into perspective. It's sad because the reality of that situation is sickening. These social networks actually frustrate people when they can no longer get a kick out of peering into someone else's life. As much as I love technology because of it's capabilities and the opportunities that it allows I'd love to see the day when all of this shit just shuts the fuck down. Then what are people going to do? How about live normal lives like people did before all of this bullshit was created. For the record if nobody is genuinely concerned about me they will no longer know about my business or what is going on in my life. Period. That goes for family, so called friends, associates, old school mates, whoever.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fuck It

I blogged about my situation last night and erased it shortly after. I said I wouldn't blog about this but, fuck it. Unfortunately, I became abruptly single again as of Tuesday around 4am. I also became a bunch of other stuff too. Due to legal issues, I won't even mention those details. I'm sitting here about burst into tears non stop but, I don't want my little sister to see me cry. I'm thinking @ a time like this damn where are your girls? Aren't they suppose like ummm come pick you up? Take you out? Atleast call and see if a bitch is holding up ? (I don't have my phone but, damn my mother's number is accessible.) I guess not, or is it just the fact that I don't have any "girls". For almost three years my significant other became my bestfriend. When things went down, I called him. I shared things with him that I wouldn't even share with my "girls" but, now I can't share anything but, a fucking PPO with our names on it. When I wanted to share a quick laugh, I texted him, when he wasn't @ home that is. Home. That I can no longer go into. I'll admit I was riding it out for a minute. I had my soldier boots on. They were laced real tight. Sooner than expected, they got pulled off my feet rather fast. ....Excuse me while I go wipe my tears

My Girl Key

My girl, Keyshia Cole got her teeth fixed. I'm not trying to turn this into a celebrity gossip blog, although my posts are very diverse and I do enjoy covering entertainment as well as other things but, I had to comment on this one. I actually didn't think her teeth were that bad before. It was kind of like her trademark or something but, to each it's own. I actually had a gap when I was younger. Luckily, mine closed as I got older so I didn't have to pay money to get it closed. Whatever makes Keyshia happy,though. On another note I think she looks really pretty and classy in this picture. I can tell she's growing. I also noticed the new tattoo on her wrist! If you didn't know, I absolutely LOVE tattoos. I support women who choose to get them. So thumbs down to all the people who nag on women who like to express themselves through body art (Sorry, Granny lol). What's funny too, I think I'm about to jock off her rose cause, I need a cover up!

Ashanti Pulls "Gotcha Grams"

I knew that was going to happen when she first started promoting them. “Less than 24 hours after a group of concerned parents and religious leaders gathered outside the Universal/Motown offices in Los Angeles to protest the bloody promotion for Ashanti’s “The Way That I Love You” single, the singer’s label has pulled the offending “Gotchagram” clip from her site. And, according to one of the protest leaders, the decision came after his group threatened to picket Ashanti’s performance at Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Sunday.” I hate though that it had to be on account of some religious bafoons. Just like religious and concerned people have a right to stand outside and protest Ashanti as well as other artists and people period have a right to express themselves. Anybody with common sense knows that Ashanti wasn't trying to promote murder. The Gotcha grams were all out of fun and pure promotion ($$$) for her album. If someone has the intent to kill a cheating lover trust and believe that a fake Gotcha Gram isn't going to be the thing to push them over the ledge. They're going to already have their mind made up!

Fox's Bullshit

A friend of mine posted this on facebook. I really didn't want to post it because stuff like this just makes me mad. I already know what the Fox network is about but, I'll post it anyway for some people who have no clue. For the record, I purposely don't watch new stations specifically for clips like these.

Monday, June 9, 2008

6/11: Detroit Feminists Discuss “Away With All Gods!”

Detroit Feminists host a discussion of Book Away With All Gods! Unchaining the Mind and Radically Changing the World by Bob Avakian.

June 11, 2008
Wednesday @ 6:30 pm
Taqueria Arandas Restaurant
1807 Livernois Avenue
(south of Vernor)

Although you may not have read the book, AWAG’s, you can still jump into the conversation with great ease because the discussion of the material (patriarchy and male supremacy in religion) is pertinent to feminism, but also captivating.

Part III (of IV) Discussion (Religion, Patriarchy and Male Supremacy)

This book deals with:
*Religion, Patriarchy, Male Supremacy, and Sexual Repression
*The Bible Belt is the Lynching Belt: Slavery, White Supremacy, and Religion in America
*Christian Fascism and Genocide
*Religion, Fundamentalism, and the Slave Mentality

If you would like to purchase the book, you can do so on the day of this event (we will have books available) or ahead of time or later at Revolution Books, 406 W. Willis, Detroit MI 48201 (313) 204-2906 or Online at


I will definitely be at this discussion. I know it will be quite interesting. If you don't know, I have a HUGE problem with the sexism and blatant inequality within many religions. It appalls me how so many women cling so closely to their religions and defend them when if they read their so called "holy" or "sacred" books, in fine print these books clearly demean, belittle, and discriminate against women.

A Dose Of Your Own Medicine

We were all taught to treat people how you want to be treated, right? I think the mass majority of us were. For the most part I pretty much try to live by that but, I don't think it works quite well. I'm going to try switching to treating people exactly how they treat me. I'm going to start serving people exactly what they serve. More like what they deserve. This way we'll be "Even Stephens".

Kerry's Mama?

I don't know if anyone else has noticed but, doesn't Barack's wife looks like she can be Kerry Washington's mother?

Forget Dairy Queen

Thanks to I found a recipe for HOMEMADE ice cream! That's right home made. Now you don't have to decide between gas and ice cream because you can make ice cream right in your own kitchen. BTW, I remember making this in Science class once in the 4rth grade.

Homemade Ice Cream

½ cup sugar

¼ teaspoon salt

1 cup milk

3 beaten egg yolks

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

2 cups chilled whipping cream

Bag of Ice

Rock / Ice Cream Salt

ziplock bags: sandwich and gallon size

1. Put the sugar, salt, and milk into the top pan of a double boiler (you can use two pots to do this should you not have a double boiler. Just add about 3 cups of water to your bottom pot and plate your other pot on top). Stir the 3 beaten egg yolks into the milk and sugar. Cook the mixture over boiling water for about 2-3 minutes or until you see bubbles forming around the edges. Let mixture cool to room temperature. Remove top pot and stir in the vanilla extract and the heavy whipping cream and stir together.

2. Pour the ice cream mixture into a plastic zip-lock sandwich bag and seal tightly. Fill a gallon size food storage zip-lock bag about one third full of ice cubes. Add a cup of rock salt. Zip the large bag closed, and wrap it in a towel to keep fingers from getting too cold.

3. Now squish and shake your bag, making sure that the ice and salt contacts the little bag as much as possible, and that the little bag gets lots of friction, this keep the ice crystals tiny, making it very smooth. Shake for about 10 to 15minutes. Voila! You've got some delicious homemade ice cream. Yummy!

Note: Ice cream will be soft, we preferred ours to be a bit firmer, so let your little bag sit in the freezer for about 20 minutes to an hour to get your ice cream much firmer to scoop up with an ice cream scoop!

Chocolate Ice Cream: Just add about ¼ cup of unsweetened cocoa to your mixture before putting it in your little bag. Proceed with directions.

Strawberry Ice Cream: Mash 2 cups of strawberries with 1/4 cup of sugar and add to your mixture before putting it in your little bag. Proceed with directions.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

No Meat, Every 3 Hours

While looking in my full length mirror just a few seconds ago to see how I looked in my bathing suit that I haven't wore in years, I felt unsatisfied. I know my hips aren't going anywhere because my mom gave me those but, everything else needs to be slimmer.I've been saying for a while now that I want to lose some weight and tone up but, I only exercise sporadically. I know that sporadic exercising won't get me to where I want to be. So I figured I'd try something else. I'm going to go the route of eating small meals every 3 hours but, there's a catch. This is what I know is going to be hard. I'm also going to stop eating meat. I'm only going to eat fruits and vegetables. This will also be my test to see if I can really go veggie if I ever decide to do it seriously. I think this is perfect time for me try this new way of eating because during summer I have a decrease in appetite anyway due to the heat. I don't know how long I should do this in order to get real results but, the idea is to actually gear myself into a more healthy lifestyle. So if I do get positive results or the results that I want I'll probably continue to do this. I'll keep you updated on how this goes for me.

Silly Sexy

So, I'm a little tipsy from my 2 glasses of Chardonnay. I'm watching some movie on TVT that stars Zoe Saldana, Ashton Kutcher, Bernie Mac, and featured Mike Epps. He was a cab driver. I have no idea what the name of this movie is but, seeing that short clip of Mike Epps just reminded me how sexy I think his silly ass is! MMMM........

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Updos and Thangs

Woooo! It's smokin in Detroit and it's smoking even more in my hot ass house that only has one fan.
My mission is to now keep my locs out of my face and off my neck and much and as easy as possible. I have a little problem though. For whatever reason my brain is very sensitive. Almost anytime that I have my hair in tight ponytails or it's styled with hair pins I get severe headaches quick. So it's hard for me to keep updos or twisted styles for longer than a few hours. You'll sometimes catch me in public straight taking my hair down like it's nobody's business because I can't take the pain anymore. I need ideas of ways that I can have my hair up without it being so tight or involving any type of hair pins. Feel free to give me suggestions. I'm all ears!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Ashanti Launches I Declare Me Campaign

“I believe in women’s empowerment and standing up for what you believe in,” says Ashanti. “‘I Declare Me’ is a campaign that addresses issues facing young people today such as voting, domestic violence, discrimination and eating disorders. Ashanti has teamed up with Akademiks to create a limited-edition t-shirt for the campaign. Besides the t-shirts a virtual community will be made to create a safe and inclusive on-line space to for women to share testimonies. In addition to women being able to share their personal stories on the site, Ashanti will be available to chat with women regarding issues that women face. I think this is an awesome idea that Ashanti thought of. A lot of people today lean on social networking websites and blogs to vent, so for there to be a specific place online where women can share their stories and gain inspiration from others, that's beautiful!Of course it's extra promotion for her new album but, it's a good cause. Most celebrities don't extend themselves in this way. For more information visit

Dwele- I'm Cheatin'

When I first heard this song at Dwele's listening concert a few months ago I fell in love with this song and I grew more fond of Dwele. This is one of the dopest and realest songs that an R&B male has ever written and performed. This is how it should be!.....................Detroit Represent!

Summer in the "D"

Ok. I know that in yesterday's post I said I wasn't a frequent complainer but, I'm going to complain today. LOL. I've been begging and wishing that Detroit would get some real hot weather and now that I got it, it's a bit much. Geesh! I took my dog outside around 11:45 am. We weren't even outside for 5 minutes and I immediately began to sweat. What sucks is I had just gotten out of the shower. What is going to really suck about this summer is that gas is so high I doubt that Detroiters will be cruising down Jefferson and around Belle Isle like we use to. We really don't need to do that anyway. It wouldn't be the green thing to do, since going green is the new trend. I may not be shooting the breeze downtown this summer but, I sure will be shooting it to Coldstone. My Apple Pie a la Cold will be waiting on me. Coldstone is a little on the expensive side but, it's worth every penny. Unfortunately, now I'll have to decide if I want a gallon of gas or ice cream. Big decisions to make!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Fabulous Complainer

Since, I now have the privilege of working from home and I rarely go out I've became a rather frequent reality television viewer. One of the shows that I mindlessly watch a few hours of is Kimora Life in the Fab Lane. The show quite often puts me into a fantasy world of what if. What if I owned my own clothing line. What if I was a billionaire. What if I was a mogul. What if I had my own reality tv show. It's just interesting to sit and watch the daily life of one of the richest females in the nation. What I've noticed is that the majority of the whole show is Kimora complaining. Sometimes I just wish I could throw a shoe through the television at Kimora and tell her to shut the fuck up! Almost every show she complains of how she doesn't have a dress to wear to a party, fashion show, or some lavish event. It's like, Bitch you're a fucking clothes designer. What do you mean you have nothing to wear? Have the world not seen your closet? Her closet looks like a fucking store. She carries about 20 trunks of clothes with her every time she travels. Yet she is always complaining. Her crazy complaints make me think about all of the people in this world that live in poverty. It also makes me think about my own situation. I'm pretty much a starving artist right now. I have a few writing gigs and few hair clients but, I'm honestly struggling. Yet, I can say that I'm happy and I'm very rarely complaining. I know for sure that if I was in a position that Kimora is in I damn sure wouldn't be complaining at all.