Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Self Update

Lately, I've been busy, busy, busy. I'm so happy that I am, though. It's much needed and so is the cash flow!Things are starting pick back up speed again. My hair clientele has extremely increased and has been getting my insomniac ass up very early in the morning so the night owl stuff is slowly dwindling. I've picked up a few new writing clients as well that I'm grateful for. I also picked up a new graphic design client! I still have my other writing commitments as well. I'll admit I've fallen short in a few places because I'm juggling so much right now but, I'm 2 seconds from being back on track. It's funny because I had been applying for a part-time job at almost every damn place since business got slow and I haven't seemed to get any calls back. Maybe, it's a good thing. If I would have found a job my schedule wouldn't be as flexible for my hair clients, I'd probably miss out on money (cash money too), and I damn sure wouldn't be able to do all that I'm doing now. My Blog Talk Radio show is on a roll. You can listen to me every MWF @ 3AM EST.(BlogTalkRadio.com/TheInsomniaHour). I have some interesting interviews coming up. I promise I'm going to try my best to make each show better, and more interesting. I'll actually be getting interviewed on "The F.U. Hour", Monday, August 11 @ 8:30pm EST.... Most importantly I'm happy right now and I love that I can make my own schedule. It's the bomb! Let's just hope this roll remains steady and gets even better so I don't have to keep applying for part-time jobs .


F.U. said...

I am so happy you have the time to do it all - especially come on my show! Everything happens as it should and you needed to be available for all of your side hustles that are bringing you money, enjoyment, and fun!

I can't wait until Monday!

Glennisha Morgan said...

Yea, I'm glad it's working out. I can't wait to come on the show! Yes Maam! :)