Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Just Love Solo

Ok. So Solange was performing in DC at the Stone Soul Picnic over this past weekend and out of no where a man just walks up on stage and started straight clowning lol. Security rushed over to walk him off but, Solange hollered "Let him stay". She then pulled him towards her and started shaking what Tina gave her. Then security tried to get him off stage again and Solange says "He aint hurting nobody" and keeps going on with the show. She even asked the audience to give it up for him at the end. Cute! I like to see artists not all stuck up. Somebody else probably would have started tripping and made big deal out of ole dude. I guess it was all of out love and fun!

Thanks to Necole Bitchie for this one.

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BabyBrown said...

Hilarious!!! BabyBrown of!!!