Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Life...................................>

I really don't know where my life is going these days. I may or may not be getting the fuck out of Michigan! If I do head from this dreadful mitten shaped state it'll most likely be New York, Chicago, or ATL. California was a choice until I thought about how artificial, materialistic, and phony most people are out there. I don't think I could surround myself with that type of energy. I think it would be best if I kept my sale shopping, dreadheaded, don't give a fuck about name brands ass away from a place like Cali. The weather, fam out there, and palm trees seemed nice at first but, no thanks. America can keep Cali. I don't want it. New York seems like my top choice right now. There are plenty of writing opportunities out there, especially with magazines. I always use to want to live there. It's where hip hop, which I love a lot was started. They say it's the city that never sleeps so we should get along pretty well. I guess the only thing that I am a little skeptical about is the "Grimey Ass New Yorker" syndrome. I'd hate to take my ass out there and get played because I don't have any friends or fam out there to give me the 411. Then again I'm from "The D". If you can make it in Detroit you can make it ANYWHERE. Now Chicago is my favorite place to visit. I go like 2-3 times and year and already know a lot of the streets and hot spots. It's like a mini-New York to me. If I can't handle a city as big as NY then Chicago would be the place for me. It has opportunity and it's not overwhelming. The food is off the chain too. If I moved there I'd probably automatically gain like 10 lbs and totally forefit my summer workout regimen. As far as Atlanta I never really wanted to go because everybody and their momma has moved down there. I know that the property value is good down there. You get a lot for your money but, I don't know. I'll be brutally honest. I'm very scared of the fact that ATL is the capital for AIDs in the African American community. That terrifies me but, I think I'm in need of a little southern hospitality and southern swagger. If I could truly have my way though I'd be the fuck out of the country. I'd be in Paris eating crepes and couscous lol , The UK sucking up all of the free universal healthcare, or somewhere in the Caribbean where I could live a very simple life for a while, eat plantains for breakfast, wear cotton skirts year round, walk outside barefooted to sand greeting my brown toes, and enjoy seeing sunkissed people..................................................... Who knows. My life is definitely a journey right now. Depending on what the universe drops me I may still be in SW Detroit or on plane away from my hometown. I'll keep you guys updated


A.Smith said...

What about DC

I love NY... but I couldn't live there. I definitely considered Chicago on a serious tip, but got a job offer in DC I couldn't pass up... so here I am.

I'm originally from the South, but Atlanta is NOT high on my list of places to live right now and that has little to do with the AIDS epidemic going on (cause for real, most of the men are gay so... I just can't mess with dudes from the A)... on my end, Atlanta just isn't all that, maybe it's cause I grew up close enough to go there A LOT... Idk...

Anyway, hope you get a handle on it soon.

Glennisha Morgan said...

You know what. I've never been to DC but, I have thought about it. I definitely want to be on the East Coast. Yea ATL isn't high on the list but,it's a choice.

Anonymous said...

Check out DC and maryland. Cause ATL is NOT all its cracked up to to. And NEW YORK has been done...and done! iT IS a city though..and there are writing gigs up the wazoo.

Pray on it girl. Doors will open for you and you'll end up exactly whre you are supposed to be.

Ojibway Migisi Bineshii said...

Chicago is expensive, I lived there for a very short time and didn't enjoy it, but I am not really a city person either. I didn't like the constant noise of the "El" train Metra and hearing sirens every hour. But who knows it may be your fit and its not too far from the D.

I personally love Michigan, I have moved and come back numerous times. Its my home because of the land and Great Lakes. My tribe is here too which makes a huge difference. Plus I have connections all over the Mitten state.

Have you thought of moving out of Detroit to a place like Ann Arbo or Grand Rapids. Those cities are more progressive and have a less unemployment rate that Metro Detroit. What about cities in the West like Denver or some place in New Mexico?

Glennisha Morgan said...

Crys- The East Coast is really what's up. If not NY I'd love to be somewhere in the Tri-State area. I'd love to be in the mist of more people with hair like mine, accents, ethnic food, and all of that good stuff. Cecelia-yea I know Chicago is really expensive. If I move there I probably wouldn't necessarily be able to afford the areas that I like. When I stayed in my loft here in midtown the train was right outside of my window,which took me a lot of getting used to but, I could get used to it again. Plus, I need a subway in my life. I'm carless. I couldn't do Ann Arbor or G. Rapids. My dad lives in Kalamazoo and cities like that are great get aways but, are just entirely too small for me. Everybody knows everybody's name lol. I don't know about Denver or New Mexico either. Maybe Arizona???

Ojibway Migisi Bineshii said...

Glennisha-I really would prefer to be carless too! I have never liked the car-its so noisy, aggressive, quickens the pace of life and all the pollution that goes along with it.

Maybe Arizona. Denver has boomed over the years because of the mountains and quality of life there. But if you need water, like me, maybe you will have to stay near the Great Lakes or a body of water like one of those oceans!

I am sure you will figure it where you are meant to be.