Saturday, July 5, 2008

My 4th of July

I'm usually not that big on holidays. They're actually just another day to me but, I love them because their an opportunity to see family, and especially the ones that you usually don't see. I had planned that I was going to stay home this fourth of July and work. I had a column to finish and also some work for a client. Prior to starting my work I decided to go ahead and try making the hot water cornbread that I had been craving for about a week. You don't even want to know what happened the first time around. All I have to say is smoke, burnt grease, and fire detectors! LOL! So it didn't work out too well the first time around. I was told that the key to the perfect hot water cornbread is to make sure that the grease is extremely hot. I guess I went completely overboard. So I had to throw away the first batch and clean out the pan. Luckily, I actually had some batter left because I had finished the box of cornmeal. Second time around I had just enough to make 4 nice round hot water corn cakes! They turned out perfect the second time. So, I'm very proud of myself.

While I was making the cornbread one of my favorite uncles called me and asked me to go house hopping with him for the day. Although, I planned to stay in and get some work done I couldn't turn down my uncle. Plus, I hadn't seen him since Christmas. Boy, did we have fun! I think we set the definition of "house hopping". We visited 6 different houses from about 3:45 in the afternoon until a little after midnight. Please believe we ate super good and took super plates home. All together today I ate bbq chicken, macaroni-n-cheese (@ 2 diff houses), greens, corn bread (@ 3 diff houses & including mine), devil eggs, baked beans, bourbon salmon, cup cakes, and key lime pie. Besides the good food I had a ball laughing and eating with my family that I don't get to see that much. This year was a little different for me because I spent time with my family on my Dad's side instead of the usual with the fam on my mom's side. It was a refreshing change although, I did miss seeing my other fam but, I guess I'll catch them on the next holiday. I hope everybody's 4th was as good as mine.

BTW, I can't forget to mention that on my way to one of my Aunt's house we couldn't get down the street (residential) because some guys had 2 horses. It's not everyday in Detroit that you get to see horses in the middle of a residential street. So that was a little exciting to see horses chillin off 8 mile LOL. I actually snapped a few pictures of them but, for some reason my damn camera magically deleted all of the damn pictures that I took today! I wanted to post them but, now I can't. For some crazy reason my pics magically reappeared this morning.So they're posted now! Yay! Anywhoooo. I'm full. My stomach hurts from being a greedy fat ass and I'm tired as hell. So I'm off to bed. No 5am or 6am shit tonight.

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