Monday, July 7, 2008

The Fem Movement

I always wondered what ever happened to Babs from Making the Band. Speaking of her, herself, Amil, Lady of Rage, and Lady Luck have united to form the "Fem Movement" also known as "Females Earning Money". Their aim is to renew the female emcees' presence in commercial hip hop. Their first collective project is a new mixtape hosted by DJ Doo Wop. Rah Digga is also suppose to make an appearance on the mixtape. (Source) I never thought too much of Amil but, hey I like the idea of anyone trying to represent for the females of hip hop. I definitely think Babs and Lady of Rage have something to bring to the table although, I never really had a chance to listen to Lady Luck so I can't say much about her but, I'm most definitely looking forward to this collabo!


C.L. Jones said...

I'll vouch for lady luck. She is a BEAST on the mic. I will look for the mixtape, it should be super dope.

Glennisha Morgan said...

I'm looking forward to Lady of Rage. I haven't heard from her since like what 95 or so. I can't wait to hear what all the ladies have to bring!