Sunday, July 20, 2008

Family and Thangs

So today is day 4 spent with Dad and family. I had a chance to spend the morning with the one that I love the most @ a wedding. Came home changed from my dress then dipped it over to the dinner/banquet portion of my family reunion. I was late as hell but, it was all good. This was actually the first family reunion on my father's side that I have ever attended. It's always nice to see everyone get together but,what I can't stand about family gatherings is that it's always some type of drama. Why does family always have to talk about family? Like why crack jokes about your loved ones? I don't really believe that jokes are just jokes. All jokes have some bit of truth to them. Most of the time the people who make these jokes mean what they say. They just use humor to make it more acceptable. Why do people always have something to say about someone else's significant other? If you're not dating, making love, fucking, sharing a mortgage, sharing children, or married to these people then you shouldn't have anything to say unless it's positive. Real talk people just need to worry about themselves. Everybody wants to judge and add their two cents about so and so's wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Whoever these people are if that's who your family member wants to be with then, chill. Just be happy for them. Also, what's up with the seriousness. Family functions should be lighthearted. Some people take their delegated positions or jobs too seriously. I don't even know if we can call them jobs because you're just playing your part in making a family function flow. That doesn't mean act like you're drill sargeant.............................All in all what can you say? It's family

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