Friday, July 18, 2008


Hello,my beautiful readers and such. I apologize for being missing in action for the past 2 days. My father has been in my hometown this week whom I haven't seen in about 4 years or so. I don't remember exactly how many years but, it's been a long time and very emotional situation for me. I decided to put my anger behind me as well as what's happened in the past and spend some time with my father and my family since he's been here. I'm happy that I can say that these past 2 days have been fun and drama free! I actually had took my laptop w/ me so that I could some work done while I was away from home but, for some reason I couldn't not connect to my uncles wireless internet. I may or may not blog at a later time about my whole situation with my father but, at this point I'm not. I'm still soaking everything in and hella missing the blogosphere. I haven't had a chance to do my daily reading of blogs since I've been gone. I know Ashanti's 2 new videos, "Good Good" and "Body on Me" have premiered. I'll post them both in the next post. Let's see what else has been going on....I really don't even know. When you haven't been on the net for a few days it seems like you've missed so much. I'll guess I'll get to surfing and make any necessary posts following, if needed. Toodles~ As you can see I'm in a happy mood and I haven't been in a minute!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, black gurls' relationships with out daddies are complicated creatures. Right?

Glennisha Morgan said...

Most Definitely. I can vouch for that!