Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm Slow Yall

I'm suppose to be working but, I wondered off into the blogosphere and ended up trying to redecorate my blog. As you can see I changed the color scheme. I just discovered the different template options LOL. I never knew that we had choices! I feel like a total retard for just noticing this stuff. I don't know about this new layout though. I think I'm going to change it but, what I really want to find out is how to get page elements on the left and right side of the blog. This right side is getting a little cluttered....I didn't really have time to make any posts Saturday (even though it's still Saturday to me LOL). Sorry, I had a hair client, had to visit my granny, and other writing work to finish....Anyway I'm sure once I finish my work I'll find myself back on here posting something. Much Luv.

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