Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I don't know why I continue to read the comments that are posted on the Detroit Free Press' website. I swear the majority of them are racist and ignorant. That is no lie but, every time I log onto the Free Press' website to get my daily dose of Detroit news I can't help but, continue to read the comments that make me angry and make my blood boil. What kills me the most is that the people that leave these ignorant ass comments on the site, I can bet you 9 times out of 10 that the majority of them don't reside in Detroit. It's also quite obvious............Well I guess I'll get to the point of this post. While reading an column regarding councilwoman Barbara Rose Collins comments regarding the Tiger Stadium's racist past, there was a comment left that stuck with me. "I find it amusing that everything has to be about race. Why is it only the black community that lives in the past? Jews aren't out there constantly complaining that Europeans did nothing to prevent the extermination of millions of Jews. I don't see American Indians holding a grudge for what happened to them. The Japanese don't hate America for dropping nuclear weapons on two major cities, nor do I hear Japanese Americans constanly complaining about being rounded up into camps."
This comment was purely racist and ignorant just as the many other freqeuent comments left at Freep as I mentioned earlier. All I have to say is "IT IS WHAT IT IS". No matter what has happened to any group of people in the past, rather they complain or talk about it or not. IT HAPPENED. IT CAN'T BE CHANGED AND RACISTS FUCKS NEED TO GET OVER THEMSELVES AND STOP BEING MAD AT PEOPLE FOR REFLECTING ON IT, COMPLAINING ABOUT IT, TALKING ABOUT IT, WRITING ABOUT IT, MAKING FILMS ABOUT IT, AND SO ON.


The Socialite said...

If I could send an answer to the person that wrote that comment I would. The reason that African Americans still complain about racism is because it still exist. Other Americans that have experienced some type of racism or act done against them, have been able to move forward and out of their situations. African Americans to this day still have some of the same experiences as we did back in the day. Until there is equality in America, we will forever continue our fight.

C.L. Jones said...

Good post. The issue as I see it is AA are not "reflecting" on anything, they are reciting the present and taking notes from the past about our present state. Racism is still alive and well, all you have to do is open your local newspaper to recognize that.

Glennisha Morgan said...

True. It still exists today!