Friday, July 25, 2008

I Found Myself Defending Uncle Luke & Porn

Wow. I'm not really trying to put another blogger out there but, after commenting on her post I felt the instant need to blog about this. I found a link regarding Uncle Luke and his new marriage and reality television show. If you don't know who Uncle Luke or if you've forgotten, he's probably considered to be one of the nastiest men in Hip Hop and he's a former member of the group 2 Live Crew....After a few quotes from Luke, a little info on his new wife, and a brief discription of his new reality show, this was said, "I'm supposed to believe that the "Nastiest Man in Hip Hop" is now a straight laced married, family man, even while he still has his adult entertainment business? I mean really, can you look at naked women all day, doing all kind of nasty, naught things and then go home and say, "I love my wife?" And if chicky is so straight-laced why did she marry a guy in the porn industry? I'm shocked. And I will be watching. What about ya'll? Anyone going to tune for what should prove to be one of Vh-!'s most interesting Celebreality shows yet?"
Now this is this blogger's opinions and views and that's fine but, I seem to disagree. I commented on her post by saying this, "You can't judge someone just because they choose to work in the adult entertainment industry. Why does porn have to be nasty when it's just video what people do in their bedrooms all across the world everyday?"

Why can't a man be married or a family man just because he has an ADULT entertainment business? Why can't anybody (male/female) be married and have a family just because they own an adult entertainment business? I'm quite sure that the profits from that business is feeding his family and keeping a roof over their heads. I'm actually not mad at Uncle Luke. I think he's doing what he does best and making a profit. We all have our own talents and things that we are good at. How many of us actually take or use those talents to make money? Not many! I know a whole bunch of people out here who can do things really good and are just sitting on their talents. I seem to think that is silly. Also, his business is for ADULTS. He is an adult. Adults don't stop doing adult things just because they have children. That's actually the way that their children got here! I never thought that I'd say this but, I do believe that a man or woman can look at naked people do so-called (I'm going to use so-called purposely because I don't think that anything done between two CONSENTING adults is nasty-To Each It's Own) nasty things all day and still go home and love their spouses. If you have control, and if you desire to do those so-called "nasty things" with your spouse or partner then you'll be fine. Also, business is business. If Uncle Luke is smart he wouldn't mix business with pleasure.

I don't exactly know what "straight-laced" is but, who says they can't marry someone who just happens to work in the adult entertainment industry? There are a lot of quiet people out here who seem to be what some people call "closet freaks". From her post I also get the idea that just because she's a lawyer she's some type of goody two shoes or something. Are lawyers not suppose to get their freak on or like freaky things or people? LOL

I really think that a lot of people are just very close-minded when it comes to sex, sexuality, and particularly porn. I guess I'll end this post by saying "Don't knock it until you try it". LOL

BTW, I'll be trying to catch a few episodes of this show. I think it'll be quite interesting...

* In no way am I trying to demean this fellow blogger. I actually enjoy reading her blog from time to time but, I just happen to extremely disagree with this particular post and felt the need to voice my full opinion on MY blog*

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