Sunday, July 27, 2008

Home Births Vs. Hospital Births

This past week I had a project on Home Births Vs. Hospital Births. I must say that I learned a lot and this research was extremely interesting! I had no idea that in some states it is an illegal felony for Midwives to assist in births. I'm very upset behind that because that takes away a woman's right to choose how she wants to give birth to her child. Although, I understand that safety is a huge factor but, studies have shown that PLANNED home births for healthy and low-risk pregnant mothers are safe....After doing this research I think that when honey and I decide to have children I'd like to try a home birth at least once if I am healthy and low-risk. I want to try a water birth as well.... I'm not going to say too much in this blog because I'm saving it for my upcoming column but, I will share some awesome links for all who are interested:

My Illegal Home Birth- An article by Babble Magazine
(This was a great and really interesting story)

The Big Push For Midwives
(Here you can find out about state by state regulation of midwives)

How To Find Midwifery Laws
(Go Figure)

ACOG's Statement on Home Births
(The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists)

A Bloggers Response to ACOG's Statement

Planned Home Births Are Safe
(A Fact Sheet from the Citizens for Midwifery)

Doctors Oppose Home Births
(An article by the BBC)

I have so many more sources so if you're interested just let me know!

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