Tuesday, July 22, 2008

B-Rocka Is Back

Alright, I don't usually talk about this chick much but, Brandy is my girl from way back in the day! Yea all the way back to her first self-titled album, The show Thea, Moesha, Never Say Never, and all of that good stuff! It's funny too because when I was little I was tortured for the majority of my life with having to wear braids. So people use to joke and call me Moesha and when I had my braids freshly done you couldn't tell me that I wasn't her either. LMAO! I can also pull out any Brandy album and tell you exactly where I was in my life. Her last one, Aphrodisiac was really slept on but, oh baby did that album get me threw many 45 minute drives from my college back to the "The D". It also got me through the bullshit when I was young, dumb, and dealing with dip shit ass negroes. So, I must say that I'm hella excited to see my girl Brandy back. One of her new songs, "Fall" has been leaked and love it! I really freakin' love it! You can check it out here. Big ups to Young, Black, and Fabulous for putting me up on game!


Eb the Celeb said...

yeah i am in love with this new song... i wasnt feeling the other song that leaked a couple weeks ago "the list" but fall has been in heavy rotation since I heard it... reminds me of the almost doesnt count days

Glennisha Morgan said...

I haven't heard the list yet but, I definitely have to check it out. Fall is really nice thought.Yes! I had to pull that never say never album out the other day after hearing fall.

Fitness Goddess said...

Oooh i'm excited. I hope things work out for her this time around.