Saturday, July 5, 2008

Denver Woman Sings Black National Athem @ City Ceremony

Singer Rene' Marie was asked to sing "The Star Spangled Banner" on Tuesday at Mayor John Hickenlooper's state of the city address but, instead she sang "Lift Evry' Voice and Sing". Marie stated that she kept it as a surprise and only told her husband and one friend about what she was going to do. After she sang the Black national anthem she then mixed the melody of "The Star Spangled Banner" with "Lift Evry' Voice and Sing". This of course sparked a lot of controversy. There are also some very interesting comments on The Voice, where I got my sources from. The majority seems to be offended and quite upset by this stunt. I'm honestly proud of this woman for having the guts to do this. It takes someone very brave and one who stands up for principle to pull something off like this. It's kind of messed up that she was asked to sing America's national anthem and did what she wanted to do instead but, I feel the same way that she does. When I'm at events that call for singing the national anthem I almost never sing along. I'm not very patriotic due to the discrimination and blatant racism that America has put my people and ancestors through. Besides, @ every basketball, baseball, football game, and other sporting events "The Star Spangled Banner" is always sung. The only time that "Lift Evry' Voice" is sang is at private events by Black organizations. We too are America. In fact our ancestors help build this country. So what is wrong with switching up the anthem sometimes?..............Big ups to Rene' Marie.

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