Monday, July 7, 2008

Cigs. Bidis. and Blacks

Ok. I'll reveal a secret. I guess you can say that I'm a secret smoker. I'm not addicted though and I don't go around buying a pack a day, not even within a weeks time. I do happen to buy cigarettes when I'm extremely stressed out. My cigarettes of choice are DJarum Blacks because they smell great and they don't taste like conventional cigarettes but, they happen to cost a little bit more. They're around the $7 range. I hate to spend that much money because I'll most likely only smoke about 3 out of the whole pack. To save money and nasty taste (the aftertaste is horrible though no matter how many times you brush your teeth ) I sometimes to revert to Black and Milds. They usually cost me a little under $3. I hear that they're worst than cigarettes. Today a friend mentioned to me that I should try Bidis because they're a lot better than cigarettes period. So I did what most internet addicts do, and immediately googled the product. What do you know, I found a few articles stating that Bidis are actually worse than cigarettes. The way I see it if you're inhaling it then it's bad for you bottom line. Although, I've read that Bidis are worse I also read that they come in really cool flavors like chocolate. So I have to try them. What not a better way to subside stress, chocolate & cigs. LOL


Professor Tracey said...

I'm a Black And Mild Cream with Hershey Dark Chocolate kind of woman.
Great post!

A.Smith said...

I'm an in-the closet smoker as well. Like you, not addicted and there's always months in between one smoking "fit" and another (like maybe I hang out all weekend with my smoker friends, and then don't see or participate in it for months).

I am a sucker for a B&M, though... Cream...