Wednesday, June 4, 2008

6 Random Things

Ok. I got this from Cool Crys who got it from La Bella Noire. I wasn't tagged either but, I decided to keep the chain going. Plus, I figured I wouldn't have anything to ramble about today. So here goes.

  1. I've been feeling really artsy lately. Like, I've been wanting to paint or draw a really cool picture.I also have been wanting to record a song but, my honey protested against me because he thinks I only sound good in the shower. So I was told to stick to poetry and journalism lol. Little does he know, I'm going to get in that studio sooner or later. If T-pain can make hits I know I can make at least one decent single. Also, very few people know about my short lived rapping/singing career. I actually recorded a few songs back in high school on this cheesy program I had on my computer. LOL I even designed an album cover.
  2. I've been secretly wanting to dye my locs pink. Not all of them. Just a few or maybe the tips. I also wanted to dye em' red, yellow, and green. I saw pictures of this Soca artist who did her hair like that and I thought it was soooo fly. BTW, her name is Gailann. Check her music on Myspace!
  3. I have a huge procrastination problem. So if you see me on myspace or facebook feel free to tell me to get off. Most likely, I need to.
  4. I love trying new recipes. Recently I made this Swiss Cod Fish dish. It was really good. It was seasoned Cod with sliced tomatoes on top. Then Swiss Cheese Melted all over. It was a crazy combo but, my honey, my granny, and my sister liked it. So I did good. BTW, feel free to hit me up if you want to swap recipes.
  5. I am very accident prone and dramatic.I think it runs in my family too. Last Saturday, while attempting to put some clothes in my wash machine I cut one of my pink toes on this big drain thing on my basement floor. Blood gushed everywhere. Even on the damn kitchen floor that I had just mopped. I'm dramatic so yea, I cried and screamed until my future doctor came to my rescue. To top it off I was on my way to a wedding reception and I thought I was going to be cute as hell in this gold heels I had. NOT, I had to rock my heels along with cotton balls and tape.
  6. I want to take a "Road Trip" where I can just get in the car and drive. Wherever the road takes me I'll make the best of it. I want to just get up and go. No pre-set reservations or destinations. Just pure discovery. If gas keeps going up I don't think that dream will ever come true for me. Unless I get my electric car!

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Anonymous said...

What is it with writers and procrastination. My creed:

"God to mind
Mind to hand
hand to pen
pen to paper

I don't really want to write it now
so I think I'll write it later."