Friday, June 6, 2008

Summer in the "D"

Ok. I know that in yesterday's post I said I wasn't a frequent complainer but, I'm going to complain today. LOL. I've been begging and wishing that Detroit would get some real hot weather and now that I got it, it's a bit much. Geesh! I took my dog outside around 11:45 am. We weren't even outside for 5 minutes and I immediately began to sweat. What sucks is I had just gotten out of the shower. What is going to really suck about this summer is that gas is so high I doubt that Detroiters will be cruising down Jefferson and around Belle Isle like we use to. We really don't need to do that anyway. It wouldn't be the green thing to do, since going green is the new trend. I may not be shooting the breeze downtown this summer but, I sure will be shooting it to Coldstone. My Apple Pie a la Cold will be waiting on me. Coldstone is a little on the expensive side but, it's worth every penny. Unfortunately, now I'll have to decide if I want a gallon of gas or ice cream. Big decisions to make!

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