Monday, June 30, 2008

Detroit Business @ The Coleman A. Young Municipal Center

I swear my city and I have a love/hate relationship. It's more like hate right now. Luckily because I read the Free Press I found out the new location in place of the county building where I should have been this morning to handle my business. What frustrates me is that if I wouldn't have read an article about the city council and it's hot ass mess of the FBI's investigation for corruption I wouldn't have known shit about what to do in regards to my business. To me the article in regards to the city county and their mess was more of an announcement about where to go due to the fire at the county building. That information should have been an article on its own and not a add on with the city council article. Although, don't get me wrong I'm very glad that I got the information. What would have made more sense is for the city to put this very important information on their voicemail, which I've been calling all day. How the fuck was anyone suppose to know about relocations, unless they were interested in reading about the Detroit's clown ass council! So if anyone out there had business to handle at the city county building and it was ceased or postponed due to the fire visit, It's a temporary website for information regarding the Coleman. A. Young Municipal Center's fire. You can also call 313-224-6101 for recorded information. BTW, it 's mighty funny to me that after the FBI investigates the city council the gotdamn county building caught fire! I don't think I believe that struck by lightening story anymore!

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