Saturday, June 7, 2008

Updos and Thangs

Woooo! It's smokin in Detroit and it's smoking even more in my hot ass house that only has one fan.
My mission is to now keep my locs out of my face and off my neck and much and as easy as possible. I have a little problem though. For whatever reason my brain is very sensitive. Almost anytime that I have my hair in tight ponytails or it's styled with hair pins I get severe headaches quick. So it's hard for me to keep updos or twisted styles for longer than a few hours. You'll sometimes catch me in public straight taking my hair down like it's nobody's business because I can't take the pain anymore. I need ideas of ways that I can have my hair up without it being so tight or involving any type of hair pins. Feel free to give me suggestions. I'm all ears!

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