Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fox's Bullshit

A friend of mine posted this on facebook. I really didn't want to post it because stuff like this just makes me mad. I already know what the Fox network is about but, I'll post it anyway for some people who have no clue. For the record, I purposely don't watch new stations specifically for clips like these.


Seriously McMillan said...

Hey Glennisha,

I am new to Detroit downriver. Anything cool to do? Any writer groups? Got any hook-ups, girl?
Holla at a sistah! Email me.

Seriously McMillan

Glennisha said...

Hey Seriously! Girl I enjoyed your post regarding the prom dresses! I wanted to do a post on that but, I didn't even want to go there and put anybody out there like that lol. Welcome to Detroit! Yes we have some fun stuff here,especially during summer. Myself and friend of mine actually started a Detroit writers group on Facebook. We plan to have monthly meetings soon. If you're on there, add me and I'll invite you. There are also a few other organizations that I'm involved in but, I'm not sure what all your interests are. I was going to say the same thing email me.