Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm Late but, that's ok

Big ups to Rece Steele for winning Miss Rap Supreme. I honestly wanted Ms. Cherry to win but, it's all good Rece Steele definitely deserved it. I hate that I missed the finale but, I'm pleased with the results. I really wish that all of the ladies could just hit the industry real hard because we really need female MCs right now. It would be pretty cool if Rece, Byata, Ms.Cherry, Nicky, Lady Twist, Bree, and Chiba could all get together squash their differences and do a mixtape just for the hell of it. They all are truly talented young ladies. I think that a collabo mix tape would be so fly. Anyway,while surfing Youtube I found this video of Rece being interviewed. It's a little low quality but, check out her freestyle!

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