Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dwele :)

I found this performance from a few days ago of Dwele @ SOBs. OMG! I love the way this brother performs these songs. I had the opportunity to see Dwele perform here at the Millenium Theatre a few months ago. I must say that I was impressed. It's no doubt that he definitely has talent and I was really diggin' his humility. I had a few tracks of his that I liked but, I wasn't a huge fan of Dwele prior to seeing him in concert. Now, after seeing him perform and watching this video, which brings back those memories I'm definitely a fan. It's kind of funny that just listening to Dwele's music doesn't bring back certain memories that I have but, when I see him perform it brings back memories of when my honey and I had first met and he use to play his cd in the car all the time. Anyway, this weekend I'm going to cop that new album, Sketches of a Man. DETROIT WHAT! LOL

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