Friday, September 7, 2007

2 Years Reflecting

Just last week I had decided to watch Spike Lee's documentary, When the Levees Broke. I ended up only seeing the first two parts. Over the weekend my boyfriend and I went to Blockbuster to rent the last two parts. After seeing several articles on the two year anniversary of Katrina, I take it as a coincidence that we decided to watch the documentary during this time.
I remember when I had first heard about Hurricane Katrina. A cousin of mine had briefly told me about it but I had no idea what she was talking about because I didn't watch television. I very rarely even watched the news. I remember taking a glimpse of the event on television still not fully realizing what exactly had happened.
After researching the event I was furious. I had even did a report on the event during my radio broadcast in a radio and tv reporting class that I was taking at the time. Even after my research and class discussions about the event I still didn't know exactly how horrible the situation was. It wasn't until I saw When The Levees Broke that I knew what Katrina had caused.
I immediately felt bad about not knowing about extensive physical, mental, emotional, and other damage that Katrina caused. I felt bad about not trying to help. I felt bad about not sending a single case of water to help people down there. I thought about the cases of water that we buy for our household. I began thinking about a way to get in touch with Katrina victims to see if it was anything that I could do to help them today.
I began to think about what it be like if I had to watch my mother, grandmother, or little sister float away and drown. I began to think about what would I do if I was separated from my boyfriend and had no idea if he was alive or not. I know that I would immediately go insane. I get a little worried if he's walking the dog for a long period of time. With me being neurotic and maybe a little paranoid already I know I would be the first person they would have to put in a straight jacket if I was a victim of Katrina. I can't imagine the amount devastation that the victims had to endure.
You would think that any and everybody who is apart of a government whose country had suffered a disaster would be just as devastated and moving swiftly to help. When you think about natural disasters such as Katrina you probably automatically think the government should be aiding the victims immediately. If you think that. You're right. They should. I would like to say that the wrong way to think. I would also like to say that we, especially Black people need to stop thinking that way. We need to think what can I do to help. I'm not up to date on the census and statistics but just think if every so called American Citizen had just sent one package of water, or one can of soup down to New Orleans. That would have done more help and good and than the government could have ever did.
I think that every person that lives in America with common sense and knows about what happened in New Orleans before and after Katrina now knows not to ever depend on the government if something terrible happens, especially if you're poor.
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