Monday, June 30, 2008

I Need It In My Life

Thanks to Clutch Magazine I found out about the Purse Pleaser! OMG! I so need this. My purse is rather atrocious. I can never find anything and get to it when I need to because my purse is filled with old bills, notes I've made to myself, old receipts and grocery lists, hand sanitizer, about 50 pens, my wallet, 2 business card holders, a ton of keys, and other anonymous stuff. This little organizer would be perfect for me. Another reader of Clutch made a comment and provided a link to another purse organizer company called Purse Sitter. I think I may like this one a little better because they have different types of organizers and they're made of cloth and not plastic. The only thing is the cloth ones would probably allow more room in my purse so I'd most likely fill the extra room with more junk and unnecessary paper.


Ebony Intuition said...

I need this in my life ASAP LOL

Anonymous said...

I love my purse organizer. I got mine from It is great it has a key clip and pockets that my ipod and sunglasses fit in. It is also cool cause I can easily change my purse whenever I want. Check it out. I can't live without it.