Friday, June 20, 2008

Teedra, Where Are You?

Now I first heard about Teedra Moses back in the day when my uncle use to work @ TVT Records. He use to send me a lot of different cds and stuff. When I first heard Teedra's album, Complex Simplicity I thought "This chick is what's up". I couldn't stop playing her album and I put all my girls up on her. This was like back in hmmm, let see 2004 I think. I was really excited for her because I dug her music so much. I remember surfing Myspace about a year ago and I found a couple of her pages with promises of a new album coming out. So, I was really happy. I kept checking up on her and the last I remember reading on her blog was that her album had been pushed back to the beginning of this year. Well July is almost here and I haven't heard anything about a new album yet. I know how record labels can be but, this sucks because I was really looking forward to Teedra's new album. I know she's done some writing on a few other singer's albums like Nivea, Christina Milian, Teairra Mari, and Mary J. Blige but, it's time for the "Young Lioness" to come forth!

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