Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Day Late but, Not a Dollar Short

I know the day that I don't celebrate was yesterday but, I saw someone post this on myspace. This is real.

If someone says "Happy Father's Day" to you, (it's probably one of ya dumb friends), please do not accept if you fit the following description:

1. You don't even know where your children reside or go to school and haven't taken the necessary steps to find out so that you can be a part of their development.
2. You pay child support but do not have any sort of contact with your child(ren) because of "that bitch".
3. You only pay child support because the courts finally hunted ya ass down and takes it before your check comes in.
4. You truly want to be a part of your child(ren)s life but don't get along with their mom and won't go to court because "you don't need no judge to give you permission to see my kids".
5. You're too busy to right now "for all dat".
6. You won't work a reg. 9-5 so that "that bitch" can get 17%.
7. You feel they are young and you have plenty of time when they are older to spend time with them.
8. Think you're a father because you spend approx. 6 hours in month total with your family/child (ren).
9. Are still blaming everyone but yourself for you not seeing your child(ren), but get mad when she takes you to court for support.
10. You are reading this and fit one or more of these bills and still wanna say "Fuck you" to me.

To the fathers that are truly fathering, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

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