Saturday, June 21, 2008

Detroit-Windsor Film Festival Challenge

I've had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Detroit-Windsor Film Festival Challenge. The challenge consists of 20 different teams making a short within only 48 hours. Each film will be showed @ the DWFF. When a friend of mine contacted me saying that she might enter into the contest and if she does she'd want me to play a part, I was super excited. I was just thinking that I wanted to get back into acting. I haven't acted since around 2004. Besides writing, acting is one of my secret passions. Along with poetry, when I was younger I use to write a lot of plays. So far, I've been in two. So,this is my first time actually acting in a film. Therefore this experience is very exciting and fun for me. Each team had to spin a wheel in order to get the genre (comedy, drama, horror, chick flick, sci-fi) for their group. Our group got the "chick flick". We decided not to make it a conventional "chick flick" though. So we have a "chick flick" with a twist. Anyhow, wish my group luck. For those interested in seeing my group's short, which will be showed next weekend @ the DWFF contact me and I'll give you the details.

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